Friday, April 23, 2010

File Under: Um, this may not work, but it sure will be fun if it does...

Pearl and Henrietta are worn out from last night's long neighborhood association meeting and have announced to me that they are taking some time off until they recover their wits. Given the size of a chicken's brain, one might think this wouldn't take long, but P&H operate on their own schedule...

In other news:

Yesterday I planted a pumpkin vine in the front garden. I built a little mound out of a 2/3 mix of compost and dirt (it was not good enough to be called soil), and snugged it up against a post and bordered it with three boulders to make it appear a little more natural than...well, a pile of dirt sitting in the middle of nowhere:

Then I planted the vine and mulched it well with shredded leaves. The idea is to train the vine along and over the split rail fence. This area gets sun in the morning and late afternoon, and is pretty dry shade, so I'm hoping to avoid powdery mildew. We'll just have to see.

Then in the autumn, when the pumpkins are ripe, I'll have a block party and everyone in the neighborhood who wants one can pick a pumpkin for his/her front porch. If you squinch your mental eyes, I think you can see what it is going to look like (if all goes well):

Still having a little trouble seeing it? Well, let me adjust this little knobby thingy, and turn up that little doodad...

Working, working...


Okay, try it now:


  1. That pumpkin pic almost made me spew tea.

    We've got herbs and tomatoes (in pots) mixed in our front ornamental bed. I love it when kids can come pluck something to eat!

  2. Pumpkins have such beautiful, large leaves that it should look wonderful along the fence. Yes, that's quite a crop of pumpkins there. :-)

  3. That pic was hilarious, I only wish my last pumpkin had been so prolific. Did you plant just the one vine? I've found production is better with at least two, unless you have the time to pollinate the flowers by hand.

  4. Pretty cute! And yes, you might want to plant two vines, because then it's more likely that the squash bees will find your vines and take up residence in the flowers. They're fun to watch, and they're the best pollinators.

  5. Let me add my tea-spewing, laugh-out-loud cheers to the other vine-ly crafted responses. I can see it ALL now.

  6. Thanks, all! That's good advice to get another pumpkin vine--I didn't know that! I'll plant another first thing next week.

  7. Me too! I laughed so hard. Could we come pick a pumpkin? pleeease? W hy didn't I think to plant pumpkins? dang. My word verification is lardis, which translated in my head to lard ass.


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