Wednesday, April 14, 2010

By Request: Looking up

My, my, I had to go waaaay back into the post vault to find this one. It was dark and dusty back there, with forgotten posts staring accusingly at me...kind of scary, actually.

Anyway, per the request that came in yesterday, here it is:

A few years ago I had a head injury that left me with a condition called "benign paroxysmal positional vertigo"--I look up and to the right and the world I see begins to spin. It comes and goes, and I've gotten used to it over time, so it rarely limits me. These days I seldom notice it at all, except when I am trying to find birds in the canopy of trees, or high in the sky. Birds are worth it, though.

Today I was looking for them in the pecan trees--goldfinches, mainly. I went out to the garden with the camera and waited for them to come to the thistle feeder so I could get a good shot. I could sense them flying into the trees, staging there while they decided that it was safe to approach the feeder with me standing so close. I waited, too, until my curiosity got the better of me and I looked up. The branches shifted and twirled as the vertigo was triggered, but I stuck it out. By and by the dizzyiness settled down, and thus I stood there, watching them watching me.

The goldfinches come to my yard every winter, part of a larger, seasonal cycle of bird migration that has gone on for millenia, and will, hopefully, continue ad infinitum. Seeing them return always reminds me that there is a whole world that spins out there--constantly, faithfully--even when I am not looking up to see it doing so.

If anyone has another favorite from the recesses of the post vault, let me know and I'll see if I can find it. Most of them are filed in the pages that are tabbed at the top of the blog (though, admittedly, this one was not, since it was so old).


  1. I love these birds. I keep thistle seed out and they stay year round now.

  2. I'm glad this condition doesn't limit your ability to track and enjoy your beloved birds, Susan. Lovely photo.

  3. Wow, I'm glad that you have been able to live normaly with this condition and to enjoy the birds!

  4. What a terrific picture!

    Has your "condition" improved since you first published this post?

    Lindy in AZ

  5. I've had vertigo recently and it's very uncomfortable...glad it hasn't been a hindrance to you...I love these sweet birds....gail


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