Thursday, March 4, 2010

This just in: Gardener might be smarter than a squirrel

...but she doesn't advise placing any bets on that just yet. Here is my two-part plan for foiling the hose-eating squirrels this growing season. 

Part A: I had my new pal, "Johnny on the Spot," put a faucet in next to the vegetable bed so I could run a short length of water hose to the soaker:

Then I covered the entire length of the water hose with poultry mesh:

Part B: I'm storing the other water hoses in metal trash cans when not they are not in use, and using quick-connect adaptors to attach them to the faucets when I need them.

Let the games begin.


  1. They will eat anything! Their aggressiveness seems to be increasing...Is it mating season already! I hope the poultry cloth keeps the rodents at bay. gail

  2. Oh, I'm not sure it's about smarts. It's about persistence. And there, those who can spend their days trying to get at a hose will probably win...

    Well, good luck regardless.

  3. Dang squirrels, it is amazing what they can chew through. Good luck! (Boy am I happy that that's one pest that hasn't attacked my garden yet)

  4. Do they really chew your garden hose? We have a million squirrels but haven't seen this problem, yet! Thank goodness.

  5. That should do the trick. Poultry wire keeps them out of stuff around here. I wish I could figure out a way to make it more attractive. I'm just glad the squirrels don't try to eat my hoses.

  6. Way to go. I don't believe I have ever seen a 'caged hose' before, but whatever works. At the risk of drawing lots of rants, I am pretty sure squirrals were a mistake made because they are cute, but other than propagating nuts, of little value. The Ant

  7. Gail--Rodents is right. Rats with tails.

    TM--I'll need it.

    Michelle--and to think I used to think they were cute...

    Darla--I think my squirrels are peskier than yours...

    MMD--I've got my fingers crossed.

    Ant--Did you know that they are not native here? They were introduced by a biology prof, of all things.

  8. Rubber eating squirrels, what's next? Thankfully, the squirrels tend to keep a wide berth around my yard (does this have anything to do with my kids screeching around in it all day?) so I haven't had any problems with them thus far...knock on wood.

    Christine in Alaska

  9. Ha! I hope you win this time. Stupid question, but could they have chewed the hose to get at the water within? Would they maybe leave it alone if you put out a pan of H2O for them on dry/hot days? I hate to say make friends with the enemy, just wondering if they had a reasonable motivation, not just stupidity or the urge to be annoying. Although they are good at those for sure!

  10. Christine--Screeching kids...maybe I;ll try that next.

    Karen--I've thought of that and have tried providing them with water in a bird bath, but though they drank from it regularly, it didn't seem to stop the chewing. I think they just like to gnaw on rubber. Apparently, they wreak havoc on the telephone lines, too.

  11. Good luck with that. It is the combination of single mindedness and titanium teeth that I find wearing. And the contemptuous glance I get as they scamper away!

  12. How hilarious. Would it be horrible if I placed bets on the squirrel? :)

    I'm dealing right now with STUPID possums that are taunting my dogs at night - which means the Pointer Sisters then keep me awake. Not good. Perhaps you should hire yourself out as a pest deterrent specialist. I'd hire you!


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