Monday, March 15, 2010

A Spring Break To-Do

It seems like I save up chores all year long just for the "opportunity" to cross them off my list over spring break. Here's that list in no particular order, and what I've accomplished so far:

Prep farm bed for planting
Move flagstones
Finish organizing the shed
Re-furbish patio furniture
Make scaffold for painting the house trim
Dig out errant, annoying, obnoxious, ill-advised trumpet vine
Put up compost/chicken fence
Clean up utility area in front of the shop
Make cover for new rain barrel
Fix overflow drainage on old rain barrel
Clean up artemisia
Transplant starts to larger pots
Repair stones on herb bed
Paint front door
Scrape house trim and prep for painting

Some of those I got done on Saturday and Sunday. Today, however, is an SRD--which is training-speak for "scheduled rest day." It's "scheduled" because I got a look at the forecast yesterday, which called for buckets to pour from the blessed sky today--and for once, the forecast was dead-on.

No matter, tomorrow is supposed to be warm and sunny, and those happy conditions should continue through the rest of the week. In the meantime, after a hard day of work on Saturday, some of my neighbors came over in the evening and helped kick off the inaugural season for the new wine patio:

It was a little "to-do" to celebrate our collective "to-do" lists. Some amusing cheeses, a respectful offering of the vine, a small fire in the chiminea to comfort the soul, and a lot of spirited talk about how we're going to repel the barbarians at the gate. A perfect ending to a day of chores.


  1. Love.Love.Love the wine patio!

  2. Wine patio!! Love it :)
    I am so looking forward to being outside, chatting with our neighbors....hopefully, it won't be long!

  3. I hope a cowboy or two showed up for a glass. We have had a few bouts of mighty fine porch sitting weather, unfortunately when it is that nice I am compelled to be in the garden.

  4. How nice to hear that the wine patio is open for business. Enjoy!

  5. Can't help being jealous that you already have spring, even though it brings all the work... we're weeks away up here in the northern-most north.


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