Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pearl and Henrietta: Road Trip to Cali!

Pearl and Henrietta are traveling to Davis, California to participate in "Tour de Cluck," a bicycle/coop crawl, to be held on May 22. This colored pencil drawing, meant to be reminiscent of the old-time Victory Garden posters, will be part of an art auction for charity. Proceeds will benefit The Davis Farm to School program.

And in case you were wondering, they're riding a bicycle constructed from fruits and veggies. They were planning to pedal it from LBB to Davis, but I talked them out of it...

I think the Bike Garden has some readers in Davis--y'all get on out there and bid on some art!


  1. My Rocky Rococo loves Pearl *and* Cluck, and he would be glad to fertilize their eggs. He'd put that as a poster on the coop as pinup art.~~Dee

  2. Oh, this is just soooooo great! The girls look ravishing, but...but...what if they decide to eat their bicycle? I worry about things like that, you know.

  3. Hilarious! Wonder what the chickens who participate make of it all... as long as there's some feed, they're probably happy. Great drawing, hope it goes for a bundle!

  4. Wonderful to see Pearl and Henrietta looking so good in their fine makeup.
    They will sure to be great fun(d) raisers...gail

  5. Whoo, hoo! This sounds like fun!


  6. Dee--Rocky has good taste.

    Jodi--hmmm, good point. Now I'm worried, too.

    Karen--My guess is that the chickens won't care much one way or another; as you say, as long as there's food...

    Gail--I wish I could go with them to go on the coop crawl. Sounds like a blast.

    Lisa--I agree!

  7. Very cute! I love Pearl and Henrietta's Davis-style penny farthing bicycle (I lived in Davis for 7 years before moving back to the coast). Hope they have a safe trip!

  8. This is adorable. I hope it brings in lots of clucks (errrr - I mean bucks).


  9. I love your color job on the peach. Reminds me of a sunset. And the girls look great as always.
    When you get chickens, you should get the colored kind. I'm not sure what breed it is that they are, but they're neat looking chickens.

  10. Baawwwkkkk! Love the chicken art...a great contribution to our Silent Auction! Love Pearl & Henrietta, too. Maybe our City Fathers will create a special "chickens on veggie bikes" path system...after all, this is Davis! See you on 5/22, Jake the Chicken Lady!

  11. You are an inspiration...the bench is a jewel!

    Wow...I never told you how much I LOVE the prismacolor Tour de Cluck and the little Pearl & Henrietta Stumble Upon Twitter drawings...lucky me! I won them both at our silent auction! We will be hosting the Tour de Cluck here in Davis, CA again, May 2011. Wanna come?


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