Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Busy, busy, busy.

It's been an exceptionally hectic couple of weeks at school--even so, over the weekend, I managed to:

Clean up the mess left by winter and ready the garden for spring growth (just one "before" shot--"after" shots to come late, I'm sure);

Repair a crumbling front stoop with some salvaged bricks, mortar, and a finishing spritz of vinegar;

Show my friend Kurt Caswell how to make canoe paddle blanks;

Pause to admire the first garden blooms;

Donate a total of nine bags of leaf mulch to various students starting their first gardens (the result of the garden cleanup--no photo);

And accidentally take a picture of my foot with my iPhone.

And speaking of Kurt, an excerpt from his book, In the Sun's House, is reprinted in the latest issue of "Terrain." The chapter is called, "The Road to Crownpoint," and the illustration accompanying it is 

Check it out. 


  1. Looks like you've been busy!

  2. Glad you found time to admire the flowers during your hectic week!

  3. Love the addition of the brick trim, AND the new blooms.

    I too have been busy. Cleaning out old beds (never any fun!), removing 40 year old privets that took up over 1/3 of my front yard.(photos to come as soon as it starts to look like something.

    *Also busy with planning and designing a new family cookbook for Christmas gifts this year. It will surely include recipes that use herbs grown in my garden.

    Keep up the great work!

    I'm new to blogging...wish I could figure out how to post your great steps on my blog...

  4. I meant, how to post your "LINK" of cool step idea as a blog "ENTRY" on my blog. Not sure what you call that when you share a blog with your own audience. Does that make sense? Lots to learn....

  5. More feet pictures, please. Less flowers. Everyone has flower pics. :)

  6. i gotta ask, what's with the vinegar?

  7. Love your illustrations.

    Thank you for introducing me to Kurt Caswell. Now I'm off to order his books from my local library.

    Lindy (AZ)

  8. Sheila--Yup.

    CVF--Me too.

    ACG (Melinda)--we call it "link love" in the blogosphere, and it is always welcome. You simply copy the url, highlight the word in your post that you want to use as the link, locate the little "link" button on the toolbar of the editing window of your blog (looks kind of like a paper clip), click on that and paste the url where prompted. In the meantime, I going to check out your new blog!

    Benjamin--Just for you, I'm gonna start lots of pics of my feet. Also, just for you, I'm thinking about posting one of my poems. Bg moment for me, so don't laugh when you read it. Well, actually, it's kind of funny, so you can laugh, but only if yo laugh *with* me...

    Joseph--brick mortar can sometimes leave a white "haze," or efflorescence of calcium salts on the surface of the brick after it dries. Vinegar is acidic and reacts with calcium carbonate, so it cleans it up. Real brick layers will use muriatic acid on big jobs, but this was just a teeny little job. And I'm not a real brick layer. Plus, the white vinegar was in the pantry and the muriatic acid was all the way in the back of the shed in the back yard...

    Lindy--a good move.

  9. I'm glad you stopped to look at the tulips and photograph your foot. One does get too busy sometimes.


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