Thursday, February 11, 2010

Really, Mr. Snow? Really?

That's a photo of my shed-to-be on the trailer, as seen this morning from our kitchen window.

The shed that Walu and our neighbors were going to help me raise this weekend.

Under newly falling snow.

Brothers and sisters, I know I have no right to complain about a little dusting of the white stuff, not when the rest of North America is buried under eight feet of it, courtesy of Snowpocalypse, 2010. But this is LBB, people. 

LBB, of the 300 sunny days a year.

This. Is. Not. Right.


  1. It is so not right. Our ground is frozen solid and I see that while the days tease in the 4os back down to the twenties it goes. Sighing with you...Maybe next weekend>>>gail

  2. You all have had more than your fair share of snow this winter. My brother, who lives west of Ft. Worth, just told me he's got a pile of it too. And now we're getting it! But I'm thinking sun by the weekend. Here's hoping you get it too.

  3. Winter is unrelenting this year! It hasn't been as challenging here, but the rain keeps falling. There's a little stream running through my vegetable garden from all the water seeping off the hillside above. But the wildflowers will be fabulous this spring.

  4. It's nine degrees here in the southern Rockies this morning. SIgh. My sympathy!

  5. Pearl and Heneritta will need muffs and mittens to tour the Tech Terrace hood. They need a house soon. The Ant

  6. Send the snow here! It keeps going around Nebraska! We need it! Low aquifers, unprotected perennials!

  7. Gail--It's not right at all. I'm growing weary of the yo-yoing temps. Either "yo" or "yo," I say.

    Jean--Ft Worth is right on line with us, I think. Oh, to be just an hour south of here...

    Michelle--It's hard to turn my nose up at the moisture, but the cold on top of it? I dunno, it hardly seems fair.

    Susan--Nine degrees. 'nuff said.

    The Ant--check out P&H tomorrow!

    Benjamin--wish I could sending it packing your way. We've had more than enough for a change. Well, that probably not actually true, since we're years behind in our reservoirs...

  8. By now we would normally be smelling the first Daphne blooms, enjoying the Camellia blossoms and watching the first of the Narcissus. Not so this year.


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