Friday, February 19, 2010

Radio Silence: Chickens at work

I've recruited the girls to help me finish up the shed construction this week, so we beg your indulgence as we go into radio silence for a few days.
"Whether or not you look good in safety glasses should probably be the least of our concerns right now."


  1. Susan, I love the girls. Hilarious, especially if you own chickens.~~Dee

  2. Good to have helpers. Shouldn't they be wearing little boots too!

  3. OH I missed this, being too busy the past few days. I love it. I miss chickens, even tho ours were never so clever as these two.

  4. Dee--Thanks!

    EG--it's hard to find boots to fit a chicken.

    Jodi--These chickens are probably little too clever for their own good!

  5. Gotta love those chicks!. As for boots - make those steel-toed. :-D



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