Friday, January 22, 2010

Pearl at the City Council Meeting

"...and finally, we want the city to put up signage at that spot stating that it's nobody's business why we're crossing the road."


  1. OH, this is a winner, Susan. Just exactly what chickens must be thinking. Assuming they think, of course. I was never sure about Shirley, Myrna and BadChicken, though I knew what was on Madison the rooster's mind...

  2. Jodi--Since these are chickens from my 'hood, they'd naturally be at every city council meeting. :-D


  3. I love this cartoon so much, I linked it up on my facebook page. I had forgotten about it because it was right around the time of the Haiti cartoon which pierced my heart and sort of made the others go out of focus. I think these would make a great book, Susan...

  4. Cute and funny post! By the way, you don't have to be "irregular" any more: try Metamucil or just add more fibre to your diet. Happy to help! :)


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