Friday, January 15, 2010

Pearl and Henrietta step up

"See if they'll take eggs."

The situation is dire and aid is having trouble getting through, but it will. When it does, resources will be needed.

Here are avenues for aid that readers have provided:
Wyclif Jean's foundation
Doctors without Borders
Haiti Emergency Relief Fund
Partners in Health

And of course, the venerable:
American Red Cross

For others that have been working in Haiti for some time now, go here.

Finally, holding someone in the light is a Quaker practice to which author Susan Tweit introduced me when my father died. It seems appropriate that she has offered this opportunity for aid:

Hold Haiti in the light today.


  1. I love this; it made me smile at the same time as tears unexpectedly welled up. Our country has sent ships full of supplies, our DART (emerg response team) and other things, as has yours. It's frightening that it's so hard to get the aid IN to where it's needed. We're truly blessed here...

  2. Jodi--it's going to take all of us pitching in, I fear. It truly sounds desperate down there.

  3. The animals of Haiti are also in dire need. This organization is trying to help in that respect.

    "Humane Society International" <

    So very much help is needed and it has become so difficult trying to get it all in.

    Thank you, Susan, for posting links.

    Lindy (AZ)


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