Thursday, January 14, 2010


Let us hold the people of Haiti in the light today.

They will need our help to recover, so if you are able and feel so moved, please give. Here is one means to do so and the one I am using because I trust it, but this is not a political issue (and please, let's not turn it into one), so use any an agent with whom you are comfortable. In fact, if you know of some, perhaps you could offer additional options for aid.


  1. Thanks Susan for the link...We've been wondering which agency makes the most sense.

    The loss of life and devastation in Haiti is heartbreaking.


  2. ps Another organization is Wyclif Jean's gail

  3. Thanks for reminding us to hold Haiti and Haitians in the light and for reminding us to be generous. Generosity is the best antidote to despair that I know of.

    BTW, another good organization is the Quaker relief agency, American Friends Service Committee (

    Susan Tweit of the undigestible numberical typepad id

  4. Susan, I just picked up a link to a post about agencies that have been working in Haiti for a while (here: They might be an option that can get cranking the fastest. Let's also keep in mind the aid workers. It's gotta be tough for them as well.

  5. Doctors Without Borders... if you contribute to area of greatest need it will go to Haiti for now but also allow them to direct any funds to other areas as need arises.

    Already on the ground in Haiti - have been for years.

    Again, thanks for the reminder!

  6. I second Doctors Without Borders.

    Friends of a friend who do social justice work in Haiti also recommended these:

    Haiti Emergency Relief Fund (

    Partners in Health (

    Thanks, Susan. Hard to think about other stuff at the moment while these folks' suffering, already great, is so intensified.


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