Thursday, December 24, 2009

The view out my front door at 7:10 AM

You're probably thinking what I'm thinking.

Cross country skiing.


  1. I'm actually thinking--don't go out on the roads with all those fishtailing Ford F-150s!

  2. WOW! Snow in TX. We have had rain here in the Sonoran Desert of AZ and lots of snow in the high country. Colder than normal temps. as well. Any and all moisture is more than welcome.

    I love the new look of your blog. I had no idea Blogger had so many different design features to offer.


  3. I was actually thinking, "glad I'm not there..." but the cross country skiing thing seems fun too.... People might look at you funny though.

  4. Lindy--Snow is not unheard of in my part of Texas, but it isn't a everyday occurrence in winter, either. I get to cross country ski for a day or two about every 3-4 years. Looks like this was my year.

    Eileen--XC was fun. Skied to the store for a can of black beans. Got a lot of stares when I carried the skis into the store.


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