Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Breaking news: Book is in. Author gets vapors.

I just got a call from my publisher reporting that my book is back from the printer and a box of copies is on the way to my house. I find this news a bit surreal.

I checked Amazon, and the book's status has gone from "available for pre-order" to "in stock."

And! Ooh, ooh! And! Here's the best part: Someone is already selling a used copy for $108.12, to which I reply, "Hahahahahaha!"

$108.12. That's pretty amusing. And unrealistic.

And surreal.


  1. Yay for books in stock! Congratulations, Susan. Been a long time coming, hasn't it?

  2. Question, who decided what Amazon allows one to look at when checking out the book? In other words, who decided what went into the category "surprise me?"

  3. Woot woot! I guess that means my pre-order copy will be on its way soon! Congratulations! What happy holiday news!

  4. Oh good! My Susan asked for your book for xmas from the one who drew her name.

  5. Amazon sent me an e-mail informing me that my order was being sent. So, will you autograph it for me? :-)

  6. How incredibley exciting! Congratulations!

  7. Congratulations! Can't wait to get my copy--but I think I'll wait to order until we're home from Denver and Richard's treatments in mid-January. Mail forwarding is too dodgy here. What a wonderful solstice gift to hear that your book is on the way at last!

    Susan (Tweit), who typepad has decided to identify by an indigestible number for reasons they cannot explain

  8. Jodi--Yay! Yes it has. I kept forgetting I'd written it...

    Ant--I have no idea who arranges those things. Amzon? The publisher? Why? Did something odd appear?


    Carmella--Susan has great taste in Christmas presents. If I may say so, myself. And I'm sure that person has complied in a timely manner. Unlike some in-laws we know who are slow about that Christmas stuff. Er...ahem...cough, cough. (*sorry*)

    Jill--But of course! You're first in line!


    Susan--I get a giggle every time I see your string of numbers. I am keeping you and Richard in my thoughts.

  9. Congratulations and just what might the topic of this book be, and what is its title?

  10. Les--Scroll down past the "about me" widget on the right sidebar and you'll see it. If that doesn't work, try this link: http://bit.ly/7RVj4Z

    And if that doesn't work, go to Amazon and type in "Susan Leigh Tomlinson"

    After all that, you'll be so tired you'll just have to buy a copy.

  11. I just ordered by copy. Now assuming the hunters all over the woods don't shoot me (do you cover that potentiality?), I'll be able to put it to use. Congratulations.

  12. Congratulations, you're an author! The book looks wonderful! More surprising than the *surprise me* choice was one of the sponsored links further down the page for the Glen Eden Nudist Resort...

  13. James--sorry, I didn't cover the dangers of encountering hunters. You be careful out there!

    Michelle--LOL! That is too funny. I don't have any control over the ads, either. It's amazing, really, how little control I've had over the book since I put the manuscript in the mail a year and a half ago. BTW--thanks for the seeds Getting ready to place an order for some more stuff this week. Here's to a great harvest in the coming year.


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