Saturday, December 26, 2009

Seed Order for a Snowy Farm

The farm under a blanket of snow, seen through my study window

I have been strangely procrastinatory-ish in ordering seeds this year, though I don't know exactly why. Perhaps it was the lingering memory of last year's disaster on the farm; perhaps it was a busy school term and the inability to turn my thoughts toward spring; perhaps it was just that my head cold was making me feel all wonky-headed and lethargic. Whatever the reason, when my seed catalog came in the mail, I just couldn't seem to make myself sit down and look at it.

But then we got the snow. And the howling winds. And the Christmas music permeating though the house. And suddenly it felt like the right thing to do.

So on Christmas Eve I hied myself up the stairs to the study to do some picking and choosing, with the emphasis on heirlooms. Here is what I'm pinning my hopes on this year:
  • Tomatoes:
    • Cherokee Purple
    • Aunt Ruby's German Green
    • Sweet 100s
  • Squash:
    • Gill's Golden Pippin
    • Turner Family Pumpkin
  • Peppers:
    • Big Jim
    • Poblano
    • Sweet Chocolate
  • Beans:
    • Purple Pole
  • Gourds:
    • Birdhouse
Also, one of my favorite bloggers, Michelle (From Seed to Table), in a bout of misplaced confidence in my skills (and in spite of this overwhelming evidence), has entrusted me with some of the heirloom seeds from her amazing garden:
  • Seed-shares:
    • Tuscan arugula
    • Green Beauty snow pea
Finally, I hope to score some sweet potato slips at my local nursery.

That's the run-down on the plans for the spring planting. The order is in the ether. We shall see what transpires.

In other news: I am working on a post about creating a simple journal for left-handers (who find ordinary books and journals challenging for reasons I'll explain later), but it is taking a little time to put together, so I'll continue to work on it through the weekend and probably post it on Monday.


  1. Now that Christmas is over I feel like I can some-what concentrate on seeds myself. The snow is beautiful!!

  2. You're way ahead of me when it comes to planning next year's garden. So far I only figured out which of the seeds that I bought last year and didn't use are finally going to have their season. And there's a few dog-eared pages in a couple of catalogs.

    When is the last time you had snow like that? It's beautiful.

    Oh, and I'm sure that you will do just fine out on the farm this year.

  3. What, no snap peas? Aren't you going to try them on a different trellis? Aw geez, I thought I had you as a convert. Well, maybe another time. Mine grew like gangbusters this year and lord knows I am no veggie expert. Cool that you are trading with Michelle! She always has the coolest veggies.

    Oh, and seed order in December? Waaaay ahead of the game.

  4. Darla--Yes, it's time to look forward.

    Michelle--We're close enough to the panhandle that we get a good snow like that every 3-4 years or so. And thanks for the vote of confidence on the farm. Fingers crossed.

    Karen--Snap peas! I forgot the snap peas! OK, I need to add to the order...

  5. I might try tomatoes in the greenhouse this summer! We have too many critters to try veggies in general, and pots on the upper deck just haven't produced much in the way of tomatoes. Interesting about the lefty journal, I'm curious. I'm ambi with a slight left preference, like my mother and younger daughter. It's an odd condition. It's not that we do things equally well on both sides: some things we do right and others left. For a few things I don't have a preference - like ping-pong.

  6. Planning to get my ordering done this week too. I already have some spruce seeds popping up out in my cool garage. So exciting.

  7. Some interesting seed choices. I have never ordered seeds before, always just buy at the local nursery. This year for the first time I rec'd the T&T Seeds catalogue in the mail and your post gave me the kick start I needed to start looking at it. I might just compile my own want/need list right now!
    PS: I had no idea you would get snow in Texas. Nice pics although personally I'm tired of the white stuff.

  8. Being on the slow end of the learning curve, it took me years to finally discard spiral notebooks in favor of legal and steno pads, so the wires would not dig into my left hand. 10% of us appreciate your efforts.

    BTW, I love that you served Hanukkah ham. We usually celebrate both holidays in this house, but Christmas a little more robustly.

  9. What snow! I think you must really live in Minnesota after all.

    My Susan says you should try Hillbilly Potato Leaf tomatoes. They look divine although I have been told firmly to leave them on the vine.

    You can find a description of them on page 24 of Too bad you don't live in Minnesota. You would LOVE the Friends School of Minnesota Plant Sale. It fills the whole State Fair Grandstand. You should come visit on Mothers' Day weekend just to see it.

  10. Nothing like cranky weather to bring out the garden books or catalogues, is there? I'm looking forward to your post on left-handed journals. I'm lefhanded/ambidextrous and figure there's a world conspiracy against us. ;-)

  11. CM--hot house tomatoes! Can't wait to hear how they turn out.

    Texasdaisy--spruce seeds? I'm intrigued.

    Meadowsweet--actually, it isn't uncommon to get snow here in the panhandle. Fortunately, it never stays for long.

    Les-spiral notebooks are the absolute worst.

    Carmella--That Friends School plant sale sounds amazing. I've heard your Susan talk about it before. What a wonderful event--but a LOT of work, I'm sure. I'll have to come up sometime and check it out. In the meantime, I'll check out those tomatoes.

    Jodi--Yes. I'm convinced there's a conspiracy, too. After all, think about the way, historically, many cultures thought left-handedness was wrong...And don't get me started on scissors.

  12. I don't do well with seeds. I have a lot of my flowers from friends. I love to walk in my garden and enjoy all my flowers.Each year I add something new.Enjoyed your blog. Kathy

  13. Good for you Susan. I haven't placed my seed orders yet. Last summer was a dismal veggie year, and I think I'm just not in the mood. Love Cherokee Purple BTW.~~Dee


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