Sunday, November 22, 2009

"What makes the water holy..."

"...she says, is that it's the closest thing to rain."

--Josh Ritter,"Wings"

I went to lunch with my old college roommate yesterday and came home with rocks. After our chiles rellenos, I took Barbara, who is also a former geologist, to my favorite local stone yard and she was as enamored with the place as I always am. I've been wanting to make a new watering hole for the birds in the front garden, so we wandered around until we found the ideal couple of chunks to use as a backdrop. We lugged them home in Walu's Scion and unloaded them in the new arroyo/planting bed next to the wine patio, where I will be able to sit and watch the birds come in to drink. This morning I grabbed a copper basin I had lying around the yard and made a small altar for water under the chaste tree.

As I worked, I was reminded of this favorite line from Josh Ritter's song. As a child of deserts and prairies, it perfectly describes how I feel about the gift that is a humble pool of water.


  1. Wow, that is indeed quite a holy site there, you nature worshiper you. :) Do the rocks also serve the purpose of providing some cover from raptors while the smaller birds are sipping? Nice work, it's lovely.

  2. Oh wow. I super duper love this. Really pretty, Dr. T.. and what a wonderful quotation. I whole-heartedly agree with the message.

  3. It looks lovely, and you're very fortunate just having a copper bowl lying around!

  4. The rocks look very attractive and the copper bowl is a lovely touch.

  5. I love rocks and I really like that copper bowl!

  6. Pam--Thanks!

    Karen--I hadn't thought about the raptors, but it might make some difference. I did put i out in the open to allow them to see any cats trying to sneak up on them.

    Eileen--thanks! Now go study for med school.

    Jan--Yes, I was, wasn't I? Ha!


    Phillip--What a coincidence! I love rocks, too! Maybe we are related...;-)

  7. Susan, you have such great taste. The gray rocks against the copper. I am coveting the bowl full of holy water.~~Dee

  8. Today I found myself mesmorized by a bird preening in a birdbath in my garden - and I thought how wonderful it was and that I hadn't seen them in awhile and then I realized that the Pointer Sisters were still in the kennel, and that tomorrow such a peaceful scene would be less common...

    But I digress! What a lovely place you have created.


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