Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Busy Week at the Bike Garden

Janisse Ray is coming, y'all. For the faithful LBB friends of the Bike Garden (FLFBG?), she'll be doing a reading on Friday at 8 PM, on the TTU campus, in ENGL 001. Ray wrote Ecology of a Cracker Childhood, which has won all sorts of awards, most notably, the American Book Award. It's a memoir of her childhood growing up in a junkyard in southern Georgia, and if that doesn't sound interesting to you right there, I just don't know what else to say.

Ray is a wickedly passionate advocate for the environment, and will probably have a few words to share about that, too. Plus, she's just as nice as can be.

Come on out. Bring a book for her to sign--if you don't have one of your own, I'm working on getting few copies to sell after the reading (though I can't guarantee it) we'll have plenty of copies at the reading (they will also be available in the Barnes and Noble Bookstore on campus from now until Friday). Cookies and amusing cheeses will be served. I think.

Anyway, I have much to do to get ready for it, on top of the usual mess that is my life, so my own traffic in the BGarden may be light this week. I have a lot of garden and bike stuff to report from the trip, though, so I'll try my best to get some of it posted as soon as I am able.

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  1. Cool, wish I lived nearby. Love the idea of her book. I grew up in a pool hall myself. :) ~~Dee

  2. Well, Dee, I gotta hear that story someday...

  3. Love that book! Wish I could teleport.

  4. You've been hammered...check out my blog to see!

  5. I just finished reading both of her books and really enjoyed them. How lucky for you to hear her speak. Her books made me want to explore south Georgia and also gave me an awareness in to some things I've been dealing with since moving to the "real" south (Texas is different!). I'd love to hear of any gems you pick up.

  6. Reading your blog made me feel that it was my responsibility to attend. So grateful for the sense... my recruit and I absolutely loved hearing her read and her words of advice. Plus she was hilarious. Thanks for the heads up Dr. T.


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