Friday, October 23, 2009

The Wine Patio

One of the main reasons I wanted a patio in front of our house was that I imagined it functioning the way old-fashioned porches do. When neighbors sit out front and visit, it builds a strong community. And so far, the patio seems to be working exactly that way--almost as soon as I finished it, neighbors began to drop by. Here are Tom and Mandy, who live across the street:

In addition to the wine, we had a little fire in the chiminea going to take the edge off the little bit of fall coolth in the air:

Here is a "before" shot:

And an "after" shot of the patio in "Autumn Chiminea" mode:

And another in "regular" mode:

A view from the other side, showing how I incorporated the desert willow in the flagstone. As you can see, the autumn leaves are starting to fall here:

Where the scraggly hollies were next to the house and front landing, I'm going to put a galvanized tank for rain water collection, surrounded by Mexican feather grasses.

And finally, a long "before" shot, showing the many areas I wanted to improve in the front:

And the "after" of area "B":

And of course, you've already seen my improvement of area "E", the new bicycle path/arroyo:

I've also been busy extending the arroyo through the rest of the yard. In my design, the arroyo will start at the patio, flow next to the house, and finally turn into the bicycle path. When it is finished (hopefully sometime next week), I'll take you on a tour.


  1. We too put in a patio this year(though in back)and can't count the number of times my husband has said Why did we wait so long to do this?.We've gotten so much enjoyment from it as we sip our coffee in the morning, or wine at night. Now if I could just convince the mosquitos during the summer that I am not a tasty morsel, we'd be all set. Except I think we need one of those chimeneras (spelling??)like you have...beautiful job you did..

  2. I like where you put the willow. Really pretty idea.

  3. Love the wine patio - great idea!

  4. It looks great, and if I was near to you I'd be dropping by too!

  5. Looks great! The best thing is that you are building a sense of community, that is so hard to do today!

  6. Good job! You front garden is on its way to being a showpiece. I'll be sure to bring a bottle of good wine should I happen to be in the area.

  7. NAncy-- Look at you! Making a comment on the blog. You'll have to drop by for some wine and to harvest the tunas on the cactus. Then we'll go over to your house and have prickly pear margaritas on *your* new patio...

    Nancy--yeah, I'm not sure what to do about those pesky mosquitoes. They torment some of us, don't they?

    Eileen--thanks! Good luck on your med school interview.

    d.a., Jan, and Nola--Y'all come on by!

  8. Wow, that looks great!!! I love a porch and the friends it draws in. I've been meaning to write and say how COOL the arroyo is. GREAT idea.

  9. How nice! And what a socialite you are! I think I may stop by.

  10. I want to stop by too! That front patio is so inviting - how perfect. I just love it! I think you should hold (small) classes there - that would be hilarious.

  11. I love all your front spaces for gathering and for rolling out the bikes. It makes your garden so welcoming.

  12. Nice. Isn't it great that you have neighbors you want to share wine with. Love that you can do all these things my friend.~~Dee

  13. It looks very attractive. I'm sure that if you sit there with a bottle of wine and a spare glass you will have plenty of neighbours visiting :-)

  14. The Wine Patio

    Looks great on your patio


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