Thursday, October 1, 2009

Well, now I've gone and done it

I've cut down the Spartan juniper. Here's a before photo, followed by the different stages, including how it looks after the dirty deed is done. Sorry about the terrible exposure in the photos, but these were taken with my iPhone, and no matter the angle I took, it was either against the sun, or a combination of shade and sunlight:

The view we see when we wheel our bikes out (I've already cut off a few limbs at this point):

The space begins to open up:

I cut all the lower limbs, and then a neighbor helped me fell the trunk:

And now we see the long horizon:

But wait. What's this?

Yes, you have guessed correctly. Those are pecan trees.

Planted by squirrels.

By the way, many congratulations to Pam, of the nonpareil blog, "Digging," a much-deserved winner of the 2009 Blotanicals for "Best Drought-tolerant Blog" and Best Texas Blog." Digging has been a favorite of mine since back in the day for its focus on design and xeric gardening. The photography is not too shabby, either. If you haven't checked it out, you need to mosey on over there and have a look-see, tout suite.


  1. Thank you so much, Susan! How kind of you to send that shout-out my way.

    I'm impressed that you've already felled that tree. You rock! Now on to the pecan seedlings before they put down that big tap root, right?

  2. New space - which always looks extra spacious when you create it yourself. Shrinks when you start using it of course but even so...
    Squirrels planning for future generations. That is a little frightening!

  3. I think you did the right thing here. It's really opened up the space and gives you a lot more scope!

  4. I love it. It looks clean and very native prairie like. The Ant

  5. Oh, I always get a little sad when a tree comes down, even if it just has to. RIP, but I know you did it for a good reason, not just because you don't like trees!

    I might get tossed off Blotanical for saying this, but I find those awards and all the picking/popularity stuff really off-putting lately. I think the site can be a great way to find other garden blogs/bloggers but I don't like the competitive aspect too much. Pam's blog is grand, but so is yours, and many others that weren't even nominated are also full of merit.

    Sorry, this was kind of a grumpy comment! Really what I should say is - sorry to have been absent recently, I missed reading your stuff, I hope to catch up one of these days!!!

  6. Pam--You're right about the pecan trees. If you let them go too long, you've got a problem. These were gone shortly after the photo was taken.

    EG--Those crafty squirrels!


    Jan--I do like the space. Makes me want to flap my elbows when I see it.

    Ant--Yes, it's starting to have a nice prairie-ish feel.

    Karen--Well, sweetie, if you get kicked off Blotanical for speaking your mind, I'm gonna go with you. Fortunately, I don't think that's going to happen.

    Happy to see you back here. I was over at your blog last night, wondering where you were. Hope everything's going well for you.

  7. I know it is hard to cut down a tree but sometimes it for the best. I think you made the right decision. It was overpowering the view of your house.

  8. You must love the light you get now. And of course, the chance to put something else in. Well done!

  9. Susan, that looks great! Now, for those pecan trees. :) I have the same problem with elms, oaks & redbuds. They pop up everywhere they're not supposed to.~~Dee

  10. Tree loping can be a sad thing even if you need to do it. Perhaps you've got plans for a new bed there.Let us know.

  11. Now that looks like quite an accomplishment! The little pecan trees made me laugh - today I was walking around, looking at all of the curious things coming up that I never planted...


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