Thursday, October 15, 2009

If you don't like the weather...

...just wait a minute. Or so the old saw goes. This is a picture of me volunteering at the local Red Raider Road Race this past Saturday, and yes, it was that cold and drizzly. I was wearing about nine pounds of fleece under that Showers Pass* rain jacket. Yesterday it was 90 degrees. 90. Degrees. I kid you not.

The race director on Saturday was my faithful training buddy, Jill, and I don't think I'm am biased by friendship to say that everything went brilliantly. Much fun was had by all, so mad props to Madam Director and the many hardworking volunteers. (I was not all that hardworking, as evidenced by the photo above. Still, it was my first time on the bike since the crud felled me almost a month ago. It was good to get out, cold and wet notwithstanding.)

It is October academic advising here at the university, so the Bike Garden will be on a tiny bit of a hiatus for a few days, as The Management will be heavily involved in figuring out schedules, and how to work the wonky computer, and...stuff. You know. Anyway, I'll be back soon and post an update on the wine patio. Cheerio!

Oh! And photo credit goes to Mark Smith, of the West Texas Running Club.

*Note to the FTC: I have not received one iota--not a dime!--of compensation for mentioning Showers Pass on my blog. No free stuff, either. Where is all this schwag you're talking about? The dinero I'm supposed to be getting for saying nice things about products I like? I have called SP and called them and called them, but they continue to ignore me...Actually, that's not quite true. They haven't ignored me completely. The fact is, they've asked me to stop calling them.

Would you mind contacting them for me?


  1. You look fabulous in all that gear. :) That old weather adage is very true!

  2. Around here, if you don't want to wait 5 minutes you can drive 5 miles...

    Glad you're healthy again. Do you need any help with the wine drinking once that patio is finished? I'll bring the noshes.

  3. I just LOVE this blog. I do, I do. I don't have time this week to comment on every post, but I JUST LOVE it. And I downloaded that cover of Mercy. Amazing, indeed! I am a HUGE proponent of JOY. Finding it wherever you can in WHATever you can. It is truly a moral obligation. I agree more with that quote than just about anything I've ever heard. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Nancy--Why thank you, Ma'am! (And don't go getting offended by being called ma;m. Around here it is a common courtesy, not a comment on age.)

    Michelle--I am totally down with any noshes you want to bring from that fabulous garden of yours. Mmm nom nom.

    TCH--Well, thank you, too, Ma'am! Go JOY!

  5. I found you blog on the map and have enjoyed reading your musings. I live in Abilene and teach in Lubbock and try to keep the garden going (needs some serious weeding) in the meantime. I concentrate mostly on vegetables and some fruit (blackberries and figs). My blog:

  6. I'm sure a complimentary jacket will be arriving on your doorstep very soon - who could resist your subtle hints :-)


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