Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Year of the Rodent

Well, the rollicking summer festival sponsored by Order Rodentia remains in full swing in the Bike Garden. First it was the squirrels hosting their own months-long version of unchecked revelry, and now it's this:

Yes, that's right. Cleverly masquerading as a mess of decomposing leaves in my compost pile is a cocktail party-- a veritable bacchanalian scrum!--of Mus musculus domesticus, aka the ubiquitous house mouse.

You know, I employ a couple of cats to take care of this very problem, and where are they? Oh, that's right, taking a break from doing any real work.

Here's the ghostly Bill, "supervising" the building of the arroyo:

Here he is testing the depth of the hole:

And here is Koho, my not-so-ghostly 23 pound cat (yes, you read that number correctly*), doing what he usually does, which is to say lying around on top of the couch thinking about how long it will be until his next meal:

In truth, they both have pretty good street cred as mousers, which is why I cannot for the life of me figure out how they've let my compost bin become Mouse Condo Central. This will not do. We need to have a little chat about this matter. They get workman's comp, employer-paid health care, paid vacation, and a pension plan, I think it is only fair that I get a mouse-free compost bin in return. It is not too much to ask.

* He has big bones. Seriously big. Stinkin' mule big, only with better hair.


  1. Re: street cred.
    Hilarious. Pretty hip of you, Dr. T

    Now I'm no vet, and although I have absolutely no reason to believe that you're over-feeding your cats (especially the black & white one), I can't help but wonder if they would get back to work if you let them fast for a meal or two. Not that I've ever done that. That may or may not be considered cruelty to animals though... I'm not really sure.

  2. Eileen--actually, word has it that cats are better mousers when they're well-fed. Mine actually do pretty well in the mouse department, even Koho. I'm amazed that a cat so big, who seems to never do anything besides lie around, manages to catch a few mice every winter and bring them to us.

    As for what the vet says, she recommends continuing food. Cats don't fare well on starvation diets, apparently. Seems their livers start eating themselves, or something. Koho does get diet food, though.

  3. Too funny! Got a few cat tales myself. Like the time Hank brought in a baby wood rat, dropped it, still quite alive, and it got away in the living room... Zeke, on the other hand, keeps a better grip, until he gets to the closet where, well I won't go into the gory details, but one pair of slippers got tossed...

  4. I stand corrected! Feed them! I apologize, I really was never in any position to give cat advice anyway - I have a wicked allergy to the critters and so I can't say I've got any experience with them - much less their mouse catching tendencies. But I do think they're cute.

  5. lol - what a lovely cat tale!

    The only sure thing about cats is that they will always do exactly what they want to do.

    Lovely pictures Susan

  6. Oh man, how did you discover them? Not by sticking in a spade and halving some pink babies, I hope. Ew and double ew. Some kitties just get a little bigger, especially neutered males I think. More of him to love. Good luck and hope the pile is soon rodent-free! I'm having critter trouble of a different sort, the raccoons are making my squirrel stuff look like a tea party. Hey, when is that book of yours coming out??

  7. Michelle--I'll top that: twice Koho brought mice to us as gifts," while we were sleeping. Once one of them was still alive and I woke up because he kept batting at it and hitting my foot.

    Karen--Yes, cats have got it figured out. Wish we could do the same.

    Karen--Your raccoon tales are getting sort of worrisome. Hope you get it sorted out soon.

    The book comes out in January--I'll do some sort of announcement on the blog. I'll even autograph a copy for you, if you like!

  8. Nice blog...just popped on over from Mr. McGregors Daughter and have enjoyed myself quite completely. I have a 90+ lb labrador retriever who catches mice and squirrels and a cat who watches from the back porch...go figure...we think he must have been a cat in a previous life.
    I'm adding your blog to my fav list.

  9. Meadowsweet--That is too funny about the dog and cat!


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