Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Sunday ride and public plantings

As seen on my little ride today...

While waiting at the traffic light, I saw these planters at the corner Starbucks, with two "Dutch-style" bikes hitched to the light post:

Another angle (and my favorite, though you can't really see this lovely planter as well because it is in the shadow):

Where I sat to drink my ice-cold Gatorade:

It was a bonny ride, though a bit windy.


  1. Dutch-style bikes, the newest bike fad since fixies! I know that via Bike Snob. Hilarious. Glad you are hydrating well, it looks like everyone else stayed indoors in the AC.

  2. I love Bike Snob!

    BTW, have you been keeping up with Fatty? So sad about Susan. He's amazing, though.

  3. Hi Susan - great to see you're back and posting public plantings.

    I found your last post most moving and it was great to still your sense of humour showing through under what must have been some of the most heartbreaking of times.

    It's a year ago today my husband sold his mother's house (she's now in a care home - care? Huh, don't get me started!) It's horrible going through everything and having to make decisions on what to do with all that stuff. Once all the important items had gone and house clearance people were called in to look over the dregs, my husband likened it to paying someone to burgle his mother's home. In the end he gave as much of the remnants to charity, just so the profit takers wouldn't get their hands on it.

    You have my fullest sympathy and lots of hugs.


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