Thursday, August 20, 2009

O! Silly Me

Let's recap, shall we?

I nurtured my little heirloom darlings from seed, tending to them even in the wee hours of the winter morn:

Risked life and limb to shelter them from spring hailstorms:

Weeded and mulched them in their tidy spring bed so that they would grow big and strong:

Only to have it come to this:

Oh squirrels, why do you hate me so?

But wait. There's something odd about this picture...let me pull out those dead and dying tomatoes and peppers so I can get a better look at what's going on:


You don't see it? How about now:

The squirrels had a plan all along! Kill off the veggie plot--which was clearly not xeric--and plant orderly rows of water-wise pecans in its stead. Oh, clever squirrels and silly me.

Though I do think a pecan orchard is a teensy bit self-serving on the squirrels' part.


  1. Clever little vermin they are.

  2. Oh, Susan! I don't know whether to laugh or cry... which is probably the reaction of most garden-aspiring (and bird-feeding) types. Yes, I agree. Planting their OWN without offering to do any tending beyond that... entirely self-serving.

  3. Those dastardly squirrels! Who knew they had such foresight.... I guess they're one reason not to plant urban forests: no shade trees, no squirrels. (But then, of course, no shade and no chorus of rustling leaves in the wind.) The trade-offs are never simple.

  4. I hope this is not just phase 1 of their insidious master plan.

  5. Omigosh! I didn't think about it being a "Phase 1"...!

  6. And they even planted them in nice neat rows!

  7. Yep, the nice neat rows are the part that got me. That is truly the darndest thing I've seen in a while.

    So sorry about your tomatoes, though. Stinkin' squirrels.

  8. Oh Honey, I am still laughing. You are such a clever writer. Sorry about your veggies. Mine haven't been so good this year either.~~Dee

  9. I think those squirrels are very clever! Only just got round to looking at your blog, and very nice it is too.

  10. The Squirrels are planning for the future - I think they are in for the long haul!

  11. Those are about the most orderly squirrels I have ever seen, not sure whether to feel bad for you or just laugh this...wonderful post! Kim


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