Wednesday, August 19, 2009

John Deere and I are the same color!

Yesterday, my training buddy Jill and I rode from the shopping center at neighboring Lake Ransom Canyon, through Yellow House Canyon, all the way to the town of Slaton, where there is a famous bakery called, well, "The Slaton Bakery." Here is a pic from inside:

Naturally, we both had to have an apple fritter to refuel.

As we rolled along through farm country, I kept having this strange sense of familiarity...I couldn't quite put my finger on it...what could it be, what could it was almost as if I was seeing myself in a mirror, over and over...


  1. What style. Color coordination is always so important ;-)

  2. It's always good to blend in to the countryside....

  3. Almost perfect camouflage - you just need a few pieces of equipment on the bike!

  4. Are those raptor or T-rex cookies? Mmmm, raptor.

  5. Green - obviously the fashionable colour for those on the move. I wonder how many bike tyres you could make out of one of those giant ones!

  6. HHG, Susan, and Michelle--I always try to color-coordinate with the countryside!

    Jeff--my impression was that they were T-rex.

    EG--funny, a buddy on my triathlon log said nearly the same thing!


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