Monday, May 4, 2009

A Hudson Bay Start

Still too busy with end-o-school stuff to do much of note in the garden. However, over the weekend I did get two good rides in, one with my sometime training buddy, Jill (seen on the left here in the photo with me), and the other with my other sometime training buddy, Dave (not seen in any photo because it might compromise his undercover identity) (I just made that last bit up...sort of.).

Anyway, they were the first real rides of the season, and as such I like to think of them as Hudson Bay starts. Back in the day (the late 1800s), when the Hudson Bay Trading Company used to send out big trapping expeditions, the voyageurs would always pack up, set off (called a "put-in" in canoe parlance), and go down river a very short distance, where they would pull out again and camp for a few days. The purpose of this exercise was to figure out whether someone had left the can opener, or iPhone charger, or whatever else you might kick yourself for leaving behind on a long and dangerous voyage. By camping only a couple of miles from home base, they could always send someone back for the forgotten item. It's a good time for things to go wrong, because you can fix them pretty easily.

So in the spirit of the voyageurs, I like my first rides of the season to be Hudson Bay starts--short little shake-out trips, not too far from home. That way I can see what needs tweaking, both with me and the bike, without too much risk of being stranded somewhere.

It was a perfect weekend for getting out--kind of cool and drizzly, and winds <12 mph (what passes for "dead calm" here).

I should be done grading about mid-week; after that, it's "Look out, Garden!"



  1. you look great. I need to get a bike.

  2. What's a HB start for you, 50 miles or ?? You are one tough biker chick!

  3. Sounds wonderfully fun! Gail

  4. Wow, you are one tough cookie! You go girl. I haven't been on a bike in years, so once around the block would do it for me!

  5. Yay!!

    You've been nominated for a garden blog award

  6. Aunt Debbie--Thanks, but are you sure that's my photo you're looking at? ;-)

    Karen--Hahahaahhahah! 50 miles. That's rich. ;-)

    Gail--it is!

    Nola--One block is about my limit too...

    Garden Monkey--well, knock me down with a...non-cliche here, so I'll go ahead and say it: feather.


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