Thursday, April 2, 2009

Weird weather

Well, I am itching to plant my veggies starts, but the weather just can't seem to settle down. Last Friday it was a howling blizzard that left me with this in my garden:

And these poor irises were so pretty the day before.

Not everything took a beating, though. The arugula was snug in the cold frame and did all right:

And look at this! One of the sugar snap peas that I thought had bitten the dust somehow resurrected itself:

Sometimes good things happen in spite of my efforts.

This week the blizzard is gone, but the winds are still howling. Since high winds usually signal some sort of cold front moving through, I'm reluctant to take a chance on planting. And it's so bad out there right now, I don't even feel like doing any other of the myriad garden chores that want doing. I mean, I will go outside in most weather, but the 35mph winds with 50-60 mph gusts have got me beat this time.



  1. Hi Susan- Don't you hate it when that happens. It is snowing here now. Drat. But maybe it is putting some in the mountains and they surely could still use it.

  2. When its iris bloom time for me I run around the garden with styrofoam cups like a crazy person! I put one on each iris bud. Its usually May that I have to this due to that one late freeze. It seems to work.

  3. Susan your poor iris looks so sad. So many late spring blizzards are going on this spring. Glad to see though that some of your plants are defying the cold blast to grow anyway.

  4. I guess it's typical springtime weather. You can never predict it! I just watched my rain gauge fill with half an inch of rain in literally 5 minutes. I think the plants are getting confused. :-(

  5. I'm like you, when it's yucky outside I skip the gardening. Hope your weather changes for the better soon!

  6. Wow, that's some crazy winds. I'm so sorry about your iris. They did look like they were a lovely color. Glad you've got some promise in the peas and arugula.

  7. Well, makes you kind of glad we're just hobbyists, not actual farmers whose livelihoods depend on the weather, eh?! :) I'm listening to howling winds at the moment too, but at the beach where I don't have any garden chores. Hope you get your planting done as soon as the skies stop screeching!

  8. Sometimes good things happen in spite of my efforts

    That made me smile on this chilly start to Friday!

    And judging from your previous post, good things happen because of your efforts :)

    Have a good weekend.

  9. Nature does what it will despite our intentions...yet, your garden still needs you and your attention...Just like raising children. We have to be there to tend them when they are seedlings, and nurture them until we can give them some space of their own. Often they face stumbling blocks and don't do what we hope for. Then they surprise us by something amazing in the midst of hopelessness...and we realize they will need to be left alone to do what they will...we can just offer our help and advice. I think this works for plants, as well!! Happy Spring to you, Susan:_)

  10. Them's fierce winds. I'm actually surprised that only one pea came back--but oh, the poor iris!


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