Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Busy, busy, busy...and some cheering news

What with one thing and another (field trips, last classes, papers to grade, finals to assign, jury duty), I've been busier than a tornado in a room full of cotton balls. However, I did manage to run across this little piece of good news for those of us who commute by bike: DOT

Seems the gub-mint might be getting a clue.

I'll be back in a day or two. In the meantime, ride on! garden on! and do something nice for your neighbor today!


  1. Good news for bikers of the peddle type! We have a few bicycle lanes but I have been too nervous to try them...Nashville drivers are easily distracted! gail

  2. Love your tornado saying, did you make that up or is it a Texas joke? :) Great that things are looking up for the bikers of your town. Happy end of term!

  3. So how did you get that drink to balance all the way?

    We just got a grant for sidewalks and I'm so excited about it. It will connect my neighborhood to the main part of town. I'll be peddling to the grocery store daily.

  4. Nice that the federal DOT has finally figured out that cars and trucks aren't the only mode of transportation.... We've got bicyclists galore here in the heart of Colorado's recreation nation, including bikes towing trailers, cargo bikes, bikes with the bike-buddy kid attachment, bikes with kayaks aboard, bikes hauling recycling (there's a recycler in town who picks up with a bike hauling bins on a trailer--I love it!). But we've got red-necks too, who refuse to share the road, so I was thrilled when our state legislature passed a law mandating that faster vehicles leave a two-foot cushion of space when they pass bikes. The coolest thing is when Ride the Rockies come to town and 2,500 road bikes (and a few racing wheelchairs) take over our town of 5,500 people for a day before the cyclists ride on over the next mountain pass to wherever the route takes them....

  5. Gail--You need to edumacate them Nashville drivers!

    Karen--made it up. Texans don't make jokes, BTW. ;-)

    FGG--Good on you! I love peddling to the grocery store. As for balancing the drink, I'm just good that way.

    Susan--I've been reading about the new Colo. legislation. It's a bout time--now we just need the same thing everywhere.


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