Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring giddyap: before and after

I always drag my feet when it comes to the spring tidy-up; I'm not sure why this is, since once I get started I really enjoy it. But this weekend I was going to have a confluence of good fortune: the weather was perfect for getting out in the garden, and I was going to be in town to take advantage of it. And so I did.

Here are the before and after pictures of the farm and the storage area behind the shop:

I've decided that my next big project will be to install a storage shed in the area behind the shop. I could move the lawn mower, extra bike, and garden tools out there and free up some much needed space in the woodshop. It will go where that big pile of bricks are now.

I'm not looking forward to moving them.

While I was working, I was thinking about my reluctance to get started on the tidy-up, and as I kept repeating the phrase in my head, it eventually morphed into that old word, "giddyap," that cowboys used to get the cattle moving along the trail. Giddyap is a fine word, a bastardization of "get up!"--which seems an appropriate charge to the procrastinating gardener.

Giddyap, y'all!


  1. Hi Susan, I feel the same way every year about my fall cleanup. It brings closure to the garden season which i am generally most anxious for, just can't make myself exvited about it. Your looks great!

  2. Im going to have my work cut out for me this year. Lots of stuff to move and tons of leaves to rake. I moved before the fall so no raking has been done. Oh boy.

    good job on your cleanup!

  3. Hi Susan, I love that word too, being from OK and also a long time cowboy tv show fan from long ago youth. I had a Roy Rogers lunchbox in first grade and loved it. And a Hopalong Cassidy mug for my ovaltine! HA The garden looks all neat and ready to go!

  4. Looking good, Susan! It's rodeo time here in Houston so maybe folks won't look askance at me when they hear me muttering GIDDYUP! to myself.

  5. Oh your farm looks so nice now! I found some Giddyup last week in spite of the wet weather, maybe because of the weather, I just couldn't stand being indoors any more than necessary. But my garden still doesn't look as neat and tidy as yours.

  6. Susan, Before and afters are always favorites with me...and they spur me on to giddyap my own clean-up! Thank you;) gail

  7. Yep, I need some extra motivation sometimes too. I have also read it (in English novels, I think) as "gee up" so maybe if I repeat that to myself often enough, I will end up with a tidy English garden. Ha! Yours looks grand, love the drip system in the raised bed!

  8. I'm giddyap'ing as fast as I can. Actually, I wouldn't mind a little cooler weather, which seems a bit odd to say for this time of year. I've got just a couple more cleanup chores to go. But looks like you're all set now!

  9. Susan, you put me to shame. I think I need more than giddyap to get me going - more like a kick up the derriere.

  10. I'm hoping to prune some deadwood from trees next week (spring break!). That's about as far as I can go yet. I'm jealous.

  11. Cleaned up and then it rained...and we're in a drought. Maybe I should strive to be tidy more often.

  12. I love the clean lines of that rectangular bed. I have a sort of cottage garden and it really needs strong lines to keep it from looking like a weedy lot.

  13. Hi Susan;

    Spring tidy up around the house and gardens is still weeks away because there's still 3 feet of snow on everything. In Vermont we get the impression that we are neat and organized people from November until mid April. Various sized bumps of snow suggest work that never got finished but until the snow melts, no one really knows.

    Hope you are feeling better!

    George Africa
    The Vermont Gardener
    Vermont Gardens
    Vermont Flower Farm

    New site should be completed in a couple more days


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