Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring break, sort of...

Well, last week I was swamped at work, per the usual "let's all have meetings and papers and exams and grading done before the break starts just in case the world ends and we don't get a chance to get anything done ever again after we take a week off!" madness.

But finally it was all taken care of, and I had a pleasant couple of days in the garden, replacing the stone retaining wall on a little raised bed by the back patio.

And then I got sick.

It's only a spring cold and not the sort of thing that should slow anyone down, but Walu came out into the garden yesterday and yelled at me for setting flagstones in the farm plot. Seems he thinks it's silly to overtax myself while the immune system is waging a war. He could have a point. Anyway, I had to waste a perfectly gorgeous day inside on the couch, honking and sniffling and watching insufferably bad daytime television.

I am really, really, terrible at playing sick. Especially when the weather is nice.

Anyway, I am now off to Midland to meet up with my sister and brother-in-law. Walu isn't coming (too much grading left for him to take any time off) and I can take full advantage of the weather to get outside and work in my dad's garden to my heart's content. It's a few days of general clean-up, with a tiny bit of shopping with planned for Mother's Day.

In the meantime, here are the before, between, and after shots of the raised bed, finished before the sniffles hit:

I think it looks loads neater and more polished. Plus, I'm taking all the stone and using it to add some spruciness to the farm--I'll show you some pics when it's all done. Provided I can either a) get over my cold before school starts back up, or b) do it when Walu is not hovering over me like a worried spouse.

Cheers, y'all!


  1. Ah, I thought you might be away in some nice warm getaway spot, kicking your heals up, a nice glass of wine....

    Sorry to hear you were laid low instead. Those meetings are dangerous, there's always some sicko that couldn't stay home and just had to pass on those nasty germs!

    You made good use of your up time though, very nice work on the raised bed. Looking forward to your stonework in the farm.

  2. Michelle--well, it is nice and warm here, though I've replaced the soothing glass of wine with cold meds.

    Even so, I expect it to be a nice break from the madness.

    I'm going to pop over to your plot today and see what you've been up to. Are you spring planting yet?

  3. Hi Susan - Good to have you back! Sorry about the cold, I have one that won't go away either and I have lost a lot of gardening time over it, grrrrr. No retaining wall projects for me. Can't wait to see what you do with those stones! New bed config. looks very tidy. Good luck at your dad's place, and yes let's do the exchange! :) Feel better soon.

  4. The new retaining stone wall looks wonderful .... poor you - nothing worse that getting a "bug" when the weather outside is wonderful.
    Have a good break with your folks.

  5. You've been very've neatened it up and it looks bigger, too? Does that mean more plantings? That was a lot of hard work lifting all the new retaining wall stone! So glad you have plans for the what is it that you're going to do with it! gail

  6. Sickness should be confined to bad weather days. There is nothing worse than feeling rotten and staring at a garden bathed in sunshine.
    Get well soon.
    PS. I like your wall

  7. Sorry to hear you're not well and whilst you might moan about Walu, he sounds a nice sort of spouse to have.

    And in spite of getting sick, you've still managed to make a difference to the garden.

    Enjoy the rest of your break!

  8. Hi Susan, I do hope you are feeling better by now. Being sick is crappy, being sick when it is a beautiful day is awful. Your projects do look much neater. Good work, especially for a sickie. :-)

  9. The revision to the raised bed looks great. I agree, add a nice touch. Sorry you are under the weather. I keep getting it and can't seem to shake it for long. I hope you don't get that version. Cheers!

  10. Bless you for a job well done. With so much to do, the spring crud is not fun :( Get well soon :)

  11. I will forever read your blog so take a long time recuperating so you can write lots later. I do love to build with landscaping rocks. It's so classy. The farm is a nice work in progress and you have a ton of ideas to make it come together. I like those red saloon doors.

  12. Spring colds are so frustrating, aren't they? I'm a great, if rather old-fashioned, believer in fresh air as a cure for colds so I sympathise with your desire to get out and get doing. The garden's looking great, and the flagstones look fabulous.

  13. Oh yes, I'm going full blast with spring planting and sowing now. It's so much fun!

  14. Sorry about the delay in publishing your comments; I was at my mother's house and she doesn't have an internet connection of any kind.

    Hi Karen-thanks! I do feel better already, and actually got to spend some time on my dad's hell strip, tidying up.

    Karen (AG)--thanks--I'll pop over to your plot soon and see what you've been up to.

    Gail--I'm thinking herbs...

    VP--Walu (whose real name is Walt) is a nice sort of spouse to have. :-)

    Frances, EG, FGG, HEather, Joey--thanks!

    Victoria--I completely agree about the fresh air!


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