Thursday, March 5, 2009

Look what my little city is doing!

Every once in awhile, something good this way comes:

Rain barrel workshop

Storm water management

Rain barrel brochure

Of course, the talk is more about using rain barrels for reducing storm water runoff than it is about the bennies in ameliorating drought, but hey, who am I to argue with tiny seeds of change?



  1. Our local council has very cheap deals on both water butts (as they're called over here!) and composters. Fantastic the idea's catching on over there :)

  2. Thats very exciting! I was actually thinking of hosting a rain barrel workshop last summer but I let the idea fizzel. Im such a bum.

  3. My small community is doing a great job on educating about reducing storm water runoff. Glad to see it catching on in so many places!

  4. That's awesome! Then they should hire you to teach folks how to build their own rainwater harvest gardens, complete with nifty covered stock tanks. :)

  5. Cool! Our city has had artists paint rain barrels, and they published where around town they will be placed in today's paper. I had been thinking about trying to bid on one in April, when they will be auctioned, but from the sounds of the themes of the art work, there aren't many I'd be interested in.

  6. Go, Lubbock! That's great news.

  7. Bravo! I've heard that a few places are actually giving out the rainbarrels! At one point out county gave out compost bins (we're in NY) Maybe the rainbarrels will be next! They have had workshops about how to create a rain garden.

    Sue's town has the right idea - getting the artists involved will really get people's interest and attention.

  8. That's great that they are doing this. I keep hoping that someday our city would pick up a rain barrel project.

    Thanks for stopping by my children's garden blog. You asked if the area gets much sun. It gets quite a bit - not as much as our backyard, but, for the kid's sake, I want to keep as much grass as possible in the back yard. Taking down the overgrown tree should help it get a lot more sun.

  9. Tiny seeds of change do mighty oaks produce, Susan. I join with you in celebrating this!


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