Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Early morning at the writing desk


  1. Rats! I saw the title of your post and I quickly clicked on it thinking you'd share a solution to writers block! I have to write an article for a magazine today and I need the help.
    Good luck!

  2. What a tranquil photo, Susan. It's not so early morning here and I have a plethora of blue jays, finches, deedees and juncos at my feeders outside my writing window...and a pile of to-dos that never seem to get too-done!

  3. David must not be writing about gardening. All those lovely sprouts are inspiring to me!

  4. Susan, I'm intrigued by your early morning view. When I enlarge the photo, I see you have a great view of your neighbourhood so you can watch the surrounding homes stretch and yawn to wakefulness, and...what is that plant in the corner with the pinkish blooms? :)

  5. What a great photo!! I have that lamp!

  6. The beauty of a wordless post..our minds can wander all over the place! Here's where my wandered~~I want to move my computer so I can look out the window...Thanks for help clarifying that for me;-) gail

  7. This is so you. It's full of life and is open to possibilities. I can see why you are gifted.

  8. Takes my breath away. One block away from you and I find hope in your photo for my place. I am going to make something beautiful of it like you have.

  9. David--good luck on that magazine article.

    Jodi--what a nice view those birds make.

    Michelle--I totally agree.

    Nancy--That's funny! I even darkened the image in the window a bit, thinking that my neighbors might not like people peering into their backyards...Oh, and the flower is a miltassia orchid, "Shelob Webmaster."


    Darla--I really like that lamp. It reminds me of my grandmother.

    Gail--don't put it too close to the window, or you'll never get anything done. ;-)

    Anna--You flatter me!

    EG--neither at that moment!

    Daisy--Georgia O'Keefe believed we should make all the spaces around us beautiful, even the simplest. She even took care with the way she positioned the stamp on an envelope...

  10. It's a lovely scene, Susan. I'm just trying to figure out where you can possibly do any 'writing' at that desk!!
    Lovely view overlooking your garden!
    Is that a photo of your dad? (Hope that's not too personal, yikes)

  11. That photo is just so warm and inviting.


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