Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spring chores

The sugar snap peas are just about to take over my study, so I think it's time to get them in the ground. I've got a tripod structure built now from salvaged wood (that story is here), but I still need to prep the soil where I'm planning to plant the peas. It still feels early to me, but everything I've read says to get those sugar snaps out there early--even before the last frost date. So sometime this week, I've got to muster up some energy after I get home from school and get the peas in the ground.

I also want to run a drip line to each of the peas, and the line will be hooked up to a central drip irrigation system I've got planned, but have not yet installed. So this is another chore awaiting me.

And as long as I'm thinking about these two spring chores, I thought I might as well go ahead make a list of "must do" items that need addressing before too many more days go by.

(In roughly this order)

Before last frost date:
Prepare planting beds
Plant sugar snaps
Install drip irrigation system
Plant arugula and cover with cold frame
Clean storage area behind woodshop
Move bags of leaves to storage area
Replace stone on patio raised bed (shown in the photos above and below)
Clean front beds
Fix the split rail fence that a drunk driver ran over late one night while plowing through my yard in that big ole pickup truck with the mud tires and cattle guard grill (yes, I'm pretty sure I know who you are, because I've seen the chipped paint and tire tracks. Not that I'm irritated with you or anything, but what would your mama think? Shame on you.)

After last frost date:
Transplant tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos, etc.
Plant beans, etc.
Transplant buffalo grass to front yard
Transplant sedum in front yard
Plant rainwater harvest garden


  1. Hi Susan, I love your list making. Your chores sound like a real mix of fun ones and not so fun. Having to install drip lines does not sound fun to me, but maybe it is to you. HA According to my journal, our sugar snap peas last year were planted seed in the ground Feb 3! This year was a couple of weeks later since the ground was frozen, and still is on occasion. We had a bumper crop for our first attempt so early must be a good idea. Hope yours do well too. :-)

  2. Susan, your list sounds good to me. Lots of things to do. I am anxious to start planting my own but must wait for the snow to recede. Enjoy-

  3. Well, you better get busy huh? It will be great fun and such a reward.

  4. A full list Susan..I like the idea of drip irrigation and mean to put that on the list each year...Have you posted about your buffalo grass? I do wish it were happy in nashville...we are in that middle swath...neither a warm or cool grass area. Sugar snaps are so tasty, raw or stir fried! gail

  5. Susan, I like your list of chores, although I don't think all of them are chore-like! I'm afraid to make a list, it might be too overwhelming.

    Interesting stats on water usage you have on your side bar. Most people around here don't use much water for landscaping because it's way too expensive. The local water district has been overpumping from it's source and the way they control consumption by end users is outrageous pricing over a baseline amount. One friend had a $1,000+ water bill when a tenant failed to report an outside water leak to her. I'm lucky, all my water comes from my own well.

    p.s. have you noticed problems with your followers widget? mine seems to be having problems.

  6. Frances--lists are fun, aren't they? I have to agree with you about the drip line, though. I keep dragging my feet on it because I've done it before. It makes me cranky...

    Heather--here's hoping that snow goes away for you soon!

    Darla--it will be fun! I wish I could start on it today.

    Gail, I've posted on the buffalo grass, early in the blog's life. I'll probably do it again this spring, however, since I love it so.

    Michelle--sadly, high watr prices based on usage is probably the best way to stem the tide around here--although, in truth, our little community really pulled together last summer and reduced the useage when the conditions seemed dire. And I have noticed a strange drop in followers on the widget. I wonder what's going on...

  7. Glad you're back up. I am doing the same thing with my seedlings this week. So exciting! Spring is here!

  8. Wow, according to your list, you'll be pretty busy. I love lists, but NEVER seem to finish everything. I'm in a mad rush to get lots done in time for spring, too.

  9. I might follow your lead with the snap peas. Mine go over rather quickly so getting them in early might make a difference.
    I avoid making lists now - too many years of guilty feelings when I rarely ticked anything off - I'm too easily diverted!

  10. Wow, that drunk driver is lucky you are so forgiving. And also to be alive, presumably! Maybe that person should be "invited" to come over and help you fix your fence, and maybe plant your peas, set up your irrigation system, and a few other items on the list. No wait, make them do only the un-fun ones and keep the planting enjoyment for yourself!

  11. Yup, it's time to get them out there. I'm planting my seeds outdoors this weekend. I need to prepare my beds too, but have two articles due, so timing will be tight. :) Glad to see your wireless internet is working better. I think it is anyway.~~Dee

  12. Oh dear, that reminds me of my long list of chores to do. Guess a general tidying is at the top, in capital letters. That's the bit I am not very fond of, and yet know it makes all the difference!

  13. And what will you do after lunch then? ;)

    I loved your 'cattywumpus' in your previous post. You were probably getting all frustrated with technology, but you still gave us a smile :)

    I'm starting a public planting meme tomorrow and I've linked to you seeing you suggested it, hop eyou don't mind!

  14. Tina--Yea spring!

    Nola--I'm confused...you seem to be under the mistaken impression that lists are meant to be finished. ;-)

    EG--I'm very excited about the snap peas. I'm already impatient for the harvest.

    Karen--I thought about that, but I don't have any real proof, just my suspicians. Plus, as you say, I want the pleasure of the doing the chores myself.

    Dee--the wireless problems persist, but the DH and I have both been so busy with school this week we really haven't had a chance to fix them.

    Camelia--I think tidying up is my least favorite chore, too.

    VP--Link away! I am so excited to see the public spaces meme. I can't wait to see what people come up with.


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