Saturday, January 24, 2009

Changing our national palate

Can the Obamas encourage us to grow our own and eat it, too?


  1. Where do I get one of those signs? It is very nice! Consider me a garden soldier.

  2. Hey Tina! I found that sign on ebay. I think you can just type in "Dr Pepper sign" in the search box and find it. I really like it too!

  3. Oh wow, I too love your sign! Right now, I think your President could encourage us to do most anything. :) I do think it's a wonderful concept and your peppers look amazing!

  4. Susan,

    Would that they could! I do hope there will be a vegetable garden at the White House...wouldn't mind seeing alternative lawn, too. gail

  5. Can someone please explain to me the popularity of Dr. Pepper? 'cos I think it's just about as revolting as prune juice? Other than that, the sign is delightful, and I hope the Obamas do decide to 'eat the lawn'.

  6. Hi Jodi--I think it tastes a little medinicey, myself. I do like the sign, though.

  7. Yeah, I was not too into his choice for Ag secretary but maybe we will see positive change in that area yet. Hope so, anyway!

  8. Eat the lawn--that's hysterical! Dr Pepper gives my nose the thrill of its life.

    I'm in a very hysterical mood myself and the first thing that came to my mind was....children don't taste good. You know....grow your own and eat it.

    I really do wonder if the White House will have a vege garden. I certainly think enough scat has been collected to help it grow quite nicely. Lots of rubbish to be recycled. Too many fats are mixed in the compost.

    I also wonder.... if they do get a garden.....will the leaders of other nations help to weed and feed? Is there going to be a long row to hoe? Are there enough tools to get the job done?

    Will they wisely sow their seeds? Will they prepare the soil properly to receive and sustain the growth? Will they remeber to prune properly and wisely know it is needed? Will they graft, layer, and encourage new growth. Will they multiply and divide?

    Can they propagate from new cultivars? Will the results be hybrids? Will they remember to steralize after each cut?

    All care must be taken when choosing the workers. Some must have calluses, sun weathered faces, and and wear many hats. Others just willing and able to follow.

    All gardens have hope and start off with well wishes. And all need the success of a garden's bright blessings.

    So symbolic I might say isn't it?

  9. Hi Susan, I am hoping that will happen, but there are so many pressing items on his agenda, we may have to bear the banner ourselves. It looks like you already have! And I am seeing the makings of rellenos there, super yum! :-)

  10. I just visited your teaching site and can't wait for "How to Keep a Naturalist's Notebook" to be published. This is something I would really love to learn to do.

  11. I saw the Obama article and am hoping they'll find some way to have a garden at the White House--it would send such an important message, and lord knows they've got room to do it.

    Those fire-roasted peppers are making my mouth water!

  12. Hmm, I not sure what kind of influence Obama can have on getting people to grow their own. I think that those of us who are currently growing our own and sharing with friends and neighbors have a lot more influence. I've got a few friends who've been inspired by my gardening efforts to grown their own.


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