Monday, December 15, 2008

O! those birds!

I love to take photographs of birds--both in the wild, as in this photo of sandhill cranes at Bosque del Apache:

...and in my backyard, like this one of an evening grosbeak:

The grosbeak was snacking at a platform feeder in my backyard, when I snapped this pic. I was seated behind a portable blind I'd constructed, one that served me for several years. That blind is gone now, however, torn down so that I can use the wood to make a potting bench. But the blind has not disappeared completely. I'm starting a short series, to be posted every Monday over the next month on the Country Lifestyle garden blog, about what is happening to the bench/blind. Check it out: A project for the birds

(BTW: I had trouble adding copyright text to the image of the cranes--does anyone know how to do that when it won't let you? It was a scan from a slide, if that makes any difference...)

(Update, thanks to Karen from An Artist's Garden, I learned a new text trick in photoshop!)


  1. Your photographs of birds are wonderful, I've been enjoying them sooo much. Thanks for sharing.

    Should you ever decide to come out California way, you will have to visit Elkhorn Slough. According to, it supports 346 species of resident and migratory birds!

  2. I love birdwatching in the cold weather. They are the flowers of winter.

  3. I've got to rig something up so I can take pictures of birds on the bird feeders. I think I might have to sit in the greenhouse opposite - it will require a lot of patience!

  4. Michelle--you bet I'll be out there sometime! I'll expect dinner from that garden of yours. ;-)

    MNgarden--"flowers of winter" indeed!

    EzG--actually, I have timed them to see how long it takes them to return to the feeder after I've gone behind the blind--it is usually less than 5 minutes. So if you can find a good spot where you are hidden, you should have some good luck.

  5. Good job with the photoshop. I've been thinking about getting it. What a funny post, What is happening to the Bench funny that you made a bench out of it.


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