Thursday, November 27, 2008

Woohoo! Recycle those political yard signs!

My two commercial rain barrels came with screened lids, but they have been completely useless for keeping out mosquitoes (and yes, I use dunks, and no, they do not work). So this summer I taped plastic over the tops of them in an attempt to thwart my arch nemesis, the wily (and pesky) Asian Tiger Mosquito. (O! Asian Tiger Mosquito, how you torment me!) I am very pleased to report that it worked. But it was ugly, and I thought I could do better.

So after the fall elections, I saved two of my yard signs, which were the sturdy, corrugated plastic kind, with the intention of recycling them into festive lids for the barrels. Today, while waiting to start the holiday cooking, I went out to the shop to catch up on that little chore. Here are the very satisfactory results:

Though the average observer will be unable to deduce my political leanings from them (since there is not a party designation on either), the careful and astute follower of Texas politics might be able to do so. Suffice it to say that in my part of the state, it is not politically healthy to advertise on your sign the fact that you are running on the Democratic Party ticket. ;-)

In any case, I think they are as cute as button and very frugal, to boot.

Fie on you, Asian Tiger Mosquito! Take your business elsewhere.


  1. Did you hear that Asian Skitos?! You are not welcome to lay eggs in The Bicycle Garden.

  2. Yes, good idea. Cute too. I sometimes find a use for the metal stakes they are pinned into the ground with. I hope do this combats your enemy:)

  3. I just love this website It's so very Zen.

    - Texafornia from Zentri.

  4. You tell 'em, Anna! Those mosquitoes bring me misery...

    Tina--good idea about the stakes. I'll have to think of a way to use them, too.

    Texafornia--zounds! A triathlete found the bike garden. That is so cool.

  5. Hope it works! Whimsical, functional, eco-friendly and ingenious, your usual hallmarks.

  6. Love this - my husband has been telling me to save ours - he thinks they will be collectibles some day. I think they would make good garage sale signs! Hope your mosquitos decide to move elsewhere.

  7. Hey Karen--those sound like your hallmarks, too!


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