Friday, November 28, 2008

Winter feeding station

I was out in the garden a day or two ago and heard a white-breasted nuthatch ank-anking as it fed in one of the pecan trees. I ran inside and got my camera, but when I aimed it at the nuthatch, he went behind the trunk, only to be replaced by this lovely female downy woodpecker:

I took the arrival of both birds to be a sign that it is time to set up the winter bird feeding station. So on Wednesday I bought the seed, scrubbed and sparkled the feeders, and hung it all out:

It's a bit hard to see, but I've got two tube feeders (one with thistle seed and the other with black oil sunflower seed), one platform feeder (black oil), a nut cake in a cage, and water in a pan. And yesterday, among the usual house sparrow/white-winged dove suspects, I had already had my first goldfinch, so what with the woodp, nuthatch, and g-finch (plus a heard Carolina wren this AM), it looks like it's already shaping up to be a good winter. I disassembled my old blind this year, so I need to get cracking on replacing it with my combo potting bench/bird blind that I plan to build with the recycled lumber.

No pics yet of this year's crop, but here's a lovely one from last year of a red-breasted nuthatch:


  1. Love the long pic of the garden. Looks like you have lots of birds there, very nice pictures and have a great day!

    You mentioning the pecan trees made me think of my neighbor's pecan tree. It has blessed me with about a dozen pecans. Not bad since it is across a state highway. Isn't that funny? And they don't even use their pecans. I'll use all that blow over here.

  2. My feeders are out too. Let the feasting begin.~~Dee

  3. I love woodpeckers - they are like little clockwork toys running up the tree trunks.

  4. I saw a Red Headed woodpecker just yesterday. It was amazing! And today, I saw a hawk. The hawk keeps our chipmunk population in check. Your feeders are warm and welcoming. I need to rig mine so the squirrels don't eat all of the good seed. They have lots of acorns for crying out loud. It's been a bumber crop.

  5. What a dear little fellow! Imagine how dull the winter would be without our feathered friends.

  6. Tina--go steal those pecans right now! LOL.

    I'm with you, Dee. Feast away.

    EG--I love that image!

    Anna--glad to hear that you've got a lot of acorns this year. It sounds like other parts of the country are having a drought in that department.

    Nancy--I agree completely!


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