Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Radio silence

I'm getting ready to hit the road for Fort Worth. I'm going to CAST (Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching) for a few days to hawk our degree program, Natural History and Humanities. In order to save the taxpayers of the Great State a few bucks, I'm staying in a cheap hotel, and I am not at all sure I will have access to wireless. So I may be entering radio silence until I return on Saturday.

Before I leave, I have a few garden chores to do. I need to water the carrots, check to see that the cold frame's lid is ready to go in case we have a freeze while I'm gone, and pick up whatever pecans fell during last night's wind.

I use a favorite tool to pick up the pecans:

I don't know what it's called, but I do know I never have to bend over when I use it. When you are picking up hundreds of nuts, it becomes a steady friend. Plus, with that slinky thingy on the end, it just looks like a party waiting to happen, doesn't it?

See y'all on Saturday, if not before!


  1. How in the world does that slinky thing 'party waiting to happen' work to pick up pecans?

  2. Hi Tina--

    You just amble along holding like a walking stick, then when you see a pecan, you punch the slinky thing down over it, and it just naturally gathers it up. When the basket is full, you tip it over and the bounty rolls out into your bucket.

    Neat as a pin.

  3. How ingenious! Did you make the device? I need one to pick up all those darned hickory nuts. I wonder if they would burn and impart a nice hickory flavor like the wood. hmmmm

  4. No, you can find them in the nurseries around here--probably because of all the pecan trees people have. It is ingenious!

  5. My goodness..what a handy tool. I have hickory nuts galore crowding out my new seedlings and acorns by the truck load dumping its noxious mess in the soil. I'll have to look for the slink-y-oeater.

    Congrats on your Editor Choice Award. What a fun sounding book. How to love an ugly garden is so clever. You inspired me to write my voter day blog. I read your story about the tree. After reading about the tree, I knew I wanted to follow your blog consistently. Do you mind if I post that on my blog and give you credit for that article?

    I didn't have the time to look up the story behind the tree but I did see it was a painful and long recovery.

    Have a nice trip and hurry back. I hope they have--The Internet. If they can get the Internet at Amelia's lost plane--then why can't you get it at the motel?

    Oh---eat plenty of carbs before you go, that's a lot of peddling!

  6. We'll miss you while you're gone but will look forward to your return. You always have the coolest tools, even the ones you don't make yourself! :)

  7. Wacky tool and it does look fun. I would love to grow a pecan tree or three here. Natural History and the Humanities also sounds fun. How are you organizing it.

  8. Hi Anna--

    absolutely you may post the excerpt from the trees essay on your blog. Thanks for asking!

    BTW--however, it wasn't this essay that won an award, but another...

  9. Thank you Susan. I'm a bit behind on posting and reading. I'll let you know when it's up. Welcome home!


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