Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Other portals and arbors in my garden

Just because I like making them and showing them off...

You should recognize this climbing rose arbor/portal from the blog title (only it's flipped there so that the words will show up better).

This one is really a chin-up arbor (no kidding!). I open the gate, put a rod through those eyelets, and do partial chin ups (I am a wimp and can't do full ones) when I am training for triathlons. It's also there to hide a utility area...

I'm running out of room for arbors. Anyone have an arbor or gate they'd like me to build?


  1. Great arbors. I love the first one. I have five in my garden. All are more decorative and for growing vines than anything. I love them all. They just seem to add another dimension to gardening. P.S. I used to have a chin up bar on a deck, though not an arbor. What a grand idea.

  2. I love that top one, too. Those post were from four scraggly Ketler Junipers that were here15 years ago when we moved into the house. They were shading the area I wanted to grow veggies in, so they had to go. So you see, I was dreaming of the farm, even then!

    I had the arborists save the trunks, figuring I'd use them someday, and the rose arbor is the result.

  3. I love how all your woodwork combines solid structure and flair/whimsy. Dig the (lone) star on the chin-up trellis. If you lived near Seattle, I would be begging you to build me a waclu fence-top trellis to grow kiwi vines on!

  4. What the heck is a "waclu," Karen? I am intrigued!

  5. They are grand arbors and of course we'd all love to have one. I want mine made of gopher wood;)

    I picture your house full of willow furniture and birds nesting in your triathlon hair. Well maybe not the triathlon part. I didn't know that about you--another grand tidbit.

    You must have been the one who sent the tree removal crew to my house this week. You wanted the wood...well, you can't have it cause the tree isn't dead. According to the crew of toothless men in the pick-up truck...I have a giant red cedar on its death bed.

    It's not dead! It's got a few dead brances where a poison ivy vine had strangled it. I chopped off the ivy roots and the tree hasn't recouperated yet. You can have your tree trimmers back. You aren't getting that cedar wood.

    My bike is better than your bike;)


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