Monday, November 3, 2008

Here they come...

The first pecans of the season. Trust me, there will be more. A lot more...

We inherited three pecan trees when we moved into our house, over a dozen years ago. One of them is about 75 years old and still producing. This year looks like it will be a bumper crop, and, so far, the squirrels have had little impact (this seems to be a lean year for the squirrel population).

Squirrels and pecan trees seem to go together. Often during the summer, I'll be sitting outside reading and a pesky squirrel will throw a pecan at me. Swear to god. They throw them at the dogs, too--no wonder they go crazy barking at the little rodents.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the harvest. Pecans are, hands down, my favorite nut. I start my day by sprinkling them on my cereal. As brain food, walnuts top the list, but pecans up are up there, even so. Since they are my local crop, I'll go with them.

Pecans are not native to this part of Texas (few trees are), but they are native elsewhere in the state. I love my three big trees.


  1. You are so lucky! I have a bitternut hickory tree want to trade:)?

  2. No thanks, Tina! I'd rather eat my pecans. Hickory makes a good wood tree, though...

  3. Pecans are my favorites too, but I can't imagine being able to pick them in my back yard. If you discover someone's been stealing yours, ...

  4. Kate--you are welcome to come down any time and load up a basket with pecans!

  5. Yum! Organic ones are running about $10/lb. or more here these days, so you have quite a delicacy on your hands there for free! Squirrels are my current nemesis, as you know... they used to bean my poor dog with filberts when I was growing up. Rascals!

  6. Really? $10 a pound?

    Hmmm, mine are organic...;-)

  7. I actually got up and went to the kitchen and got some nuts. The power of food is amazing isn't it? I inherited a hickory tree too and they have started to drop. It's in my front yard and sounds like bombs hitting my house. We don't have as many hickory nuts as acorns.

    Oh my word..have we got the acorns. We hauled 10 black garbage bags full of them to my compost pile. That oak tree isn't even in my yard. That's just from a few branches hanging over my way.

    You can only carry a half bag at the time cause they were full of meat.The squirrles are going to have babies galore!

    I will have to watch and see if my squirrels are the nut throwing species. I sure hope you can get $10 a lb for yours! You'll be rich. Your arms and back will be thrown out---but you'll have another shiney new bike. Love your bike by the way. It's got tons of storage.


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