Sunday, November 16, 2008

A prairie portal for the farm

My weekend suddenly and unexpectedly became free, so I used it to make a new entry to the farm. Here is the old one:

This looked pretty boring to me, and I thought it would be nice to have something a little more inviting. Even so, I wanted it to be simple and rustic, something you might find outside a prairie homesteader's kitchen garden.

Here is Harold giving me a hand in the construction:

I put the cross pieces together with half-lap joints:

I gave the posts cement shoes for support and to keep water from pooling around the base:

Once the cement for the posts had set overnight, I made a new gate for the entry:

I gave it a little treen (wooden) handle:

And then I made a little bird house out of scrap from the old gate:

There is a antique climbing rose (Trier) just to the left of the gate, and hopefully I'll be able to train the canes to grow along the fence and over the portal. All those roses and structures at the Fort Worth Botanic garden must have really made an impression on me...


  1. Your new entry way turned out wonderful.The roses will look beautiful growing across it.The bird house is so cute. I love the rustic look and like to see recycled ideas. You are quite the carpenter and wood artisan.

  2. I love your new gate. The curve is a nice touch and the bird house is inspired. There's one sitting around here somewhere that I've not figured out where to put - so I'm going to be a copy cat and hang it from my garden gate.

  3. Boy! Are you industrious-looks great!

  4. Harold actually looks like he is looking for a specific tool.

  5. Lona--I'm glad you like the bird rustic house. I think it turned out well. :-)

    Michelle--I think hanging the bird house from your garden gate is a great idea!


    Dave--Well you know Harold. Here's what he's thinking, "Will that tool bite me? Do I have to climb up a step to get to it? Are there potatoes under the tool?"

  6. Wow! The farm is looking good with the new wood. The gate handle is so unique. I'm not familiar with that word treen-interesting. I see your craftsman marks on the half lapped post--makes it much more personal.

    I can see how every inch of the garden is gratifying to you from all the nails to all the pails...your hand has made most of them.

  7. Love the new gate, solid and rustic and built to last - the homesteaders would approve! Whimsical touch of the birdhouse just makes it uniquely yours. Friends have wood handles like that on their kitchen cabinets - wonder if they count as 'treens'? Where does that word come from, anyway? Super cool!

  8. I'm not sure where the word comes from, Karen--that's a good question. I think I'll head to my OED in the morning...

    It's my understanding that the word applies to any wooden utensil, but it is usually "rustic" in nature.

  9. Well done! I love the simplicity. I will try the same thing in front of our stone farmhouse in Brittany.


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