Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bees Are Bloomin' on Blooming Tuesday

The girls were busy on the farm yesterday. There is only one squash flower left blooming on the calabaza vine, and it was very popular. I'd guess they are taking advantage of every last bloom they can find right now, trying to store up for the coming winter.

I really, really, really want to raise me up some bees.

And chickens.



  1. I love to see the bees. It makes me feel like I'm making a difference in their lives with my garden. We have several apiaries around us and I have regular visitors, thankfully.

    I too am hoping to keep bees soon. :)

  2. Beekeeping is a big thing here. Very easy to get into with even only one hive and good for the garden. I bet there is a local beekeeping club that can help you out. Probably much easier than chickens:)

  3. You should go for it! I bet you would construct a super awesome beehive and/or chicken coop. :)

  4. Then you can give Sue Bee Honey a run for their money;)

    If you look at my sidebar under the link for our mountain home--you will see our treasure up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC.

    Every trip up we stopped for clover honey at a local bee keepers home. It was the best ever. So different than store bought. And the cone was like chewing on the best treat. We also stopped and got fresh churned butter. Oh, I could tell you so much more.

    I hope you do get your bees--they would love you. Love the pic!

  5. I've never done beekeeping, but I've raised loads of chickens, and it's not hard once that first week of chicks is over. Go for it. You'll love your chickens, and oh, the eggs!~~Dee


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