Thursday, November 20, 2008

All good things must come from an end...

...and the "end" in this case is a horse's behind. Here's a pic of me looking peppy, having just shoveled three yard waste-sized bags full of manure and loaded them into the old wagon:

All I need is a pair of cowboy boots and I might look like a Texan.

The photo was taken by my friend Jill, who owns a few horses. Jill is also a gardener, as well as a biologist, and she understands just how valuable manure really is. So when I asked her if she had any to spare, she didn't bat an eye.

Here are two of the bags, ready to go into the bin (the other is already in there):

This all took place about two or three weeks ago, in anticipation of the big leaf drop. Since then, I've added some leaves and started turning the compost every day or so. And may I say that there are few things as cheery as seeing steam rising from a compost heap on a blustery autumn day like today?


  1. Manure is like gold to me. Good job on your haul! And the compost pile is happy too.

  2. Only gardeners could love manure! I have to work on getting my own manure connection - plenty of horses around here.

  3. Well, one's pay dirt is another's, well you know. I do have some of that wonderful stuff in my back garden that you are welcome to. Nice pic BTW.

  4. Tina--Thanks! That manure pile was smokin'!

    Michelle--I'm sure someone will be happy to let you muck some stalls. LOL!

    Dave--you have horses in your backyard? I never knew!

  5. I have got to find me a manure source. I'm feeling seriously left out here.

  6. I can't think of anything more beautiful! Your steam is grand and productive. You look fit as a fiddle and if I saw you on the back of a horse--you'd look at home;)

    I love your attitude about everything---but today's post about marvelous. Our town compost everything! It's not far from my house either. So like you...this past week, I've been hauling stuff over and bringing good composted leaf mulch back to my house. When I dig in to the composted pile...beautiful steam lifts up and through the air shouting to everyone that life goes on! Woo hoo for poo!


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