Monday, October 13, 2008

Wow. Simply *wow*.

I am stunned: Bicycle Commuter Act

Is it actually possible to rise from the ashes a better people? A glimmer of hope for the species that is us.


  1. I didn't read the link but if it makes you happy and the cyclist are treated well, then I'm happy. We have a cycle group that meets in our town every wednesday.

    They ride a route through the city and in to the country. To see them go by is just beautiful. Lots of colorful shirts and attractive bicycles.

    They ride right past my house. It's quiet and no fumes. We wave and they love my house and garden.

    Some motorist have actually complained about them. That is so silly---we just need to slow down and enjoy life.

  2. My sentiments exactly, Anna! Slow down, listen for sounds, smell the smells...

  3. Thanks for passing this along!

  4. I keep hoping that we'll find a silver lining in this mess. Victory Gardening, bikes...they all can be silvery and shiny. 'Tis a shame that so many ordinary folks will have to suffer, of course.

  5. I know what you mean, Pamela. I don't want to minimize some of the real suffering that is going on (and will undoubtedly continue), but I keep wondering if, in the long run, it won't be good for us (and our nation) to learn to live a little more frugally.


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