Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Winter To-Do List

I like lists, as I suppose most people do. So since it is a rainy day here, I thought it might be good to sit down with a nice cup of green tea with honey and ginger and work out a list of garden/woodworking projects for the winter season. Here it is, in roughly the order I ought to approach it:

divide irises
level radial arm saw to bench tops
make top for cold frame
finish %$#2* drip irrigation system

make paddle blanks for paddle making workshop

build potting bench

create rain barrel bed/herb garden
dig out and fix driveway

finish mosaic staircase (finally!)
start seed

build shed
plant veggie garden

There you have it--a few things to do.

Today, of course, I am doing none of these, opting instead to do some writing and work on a quilt.

On another note: it's a nice rain we're having today, and just in time, since the rain barrels were getting a little low. They are all full up now and still it comes. I really do need to add another 100 or so gallons of capacity, hence the addition of the rain barrel bed to my list above.

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