Saturday, October 18, 2008

Calabaza squash

This thing is starting to scare me.

That Becky's Diner mug is for scale. John warned me that the squash get big, but good grief. Surely it's not good for you to eat something that is larger than your head...

Powdery mildew (PoMi) update: The homemade organic concoction didn't do anything it slow it down, and I trimmed leaves until I was afraid to trim anymore. So finally I decided to just let it go to see what happened. The leaves are starting to look tatty, and in some instances are dying off, but the two squash that I have are continuing to grow (and if both grow to this size, two are all I need to get me through winter--heck, they may get me through the next two winters...). Research suggests that the PoMi may affect the taste of the squash. Having never tasted one, however, I'm not sure what to expect. In any case, the PoMi has apparently had no affect on the size of the fruit.


  1. I've had powdery mildew on squash and have never noticed any difference in taste so I wouldn't worry too much.
    My squash is a little larger than I was expecting so I think I'll be making a lot of soup!

  2. Thanks--that's good to know. Squash soup sounds great--do the leftovers freeze well for lunches?

    I'll have to search out some recipes...


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