Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Rolling Classroom

Well, the blog has been all garden so far, so I thought I'd throw in a post about the Xtracycle, shown here pulling duty at the Tech Gardens, with a cargo of chalkboard/chalk/eraser, Crazy Creek, bug spray, and art kit. I was out there with my "Bones, Beetles, Birds" class for a lesson on sketching flowers for botanical illustration...

It was a beautiful day. The students had fun (though some of them were worried about a looming biology exam--in the notorius Dr. Dini's class!). I had fun. Life is good.


  1. So Susan you're also an artist and teacher? How wonderful and interesting. I love that you commute on your bicycle. I wish I could ride my bike to work but that would be 13 miles.

  2. Hi Susie--

    Yes, I'm very fortunate to be teaching in this program:

    I get to blend my science and art background. I'm primarily a writer, but I also do some illustration.

    My husband and I are lucky to live so close to work--less than a mile away--but I also use my bike for errands around town. LBB is a great place to get around by bike--not too big, flat roads, and friendly drivers (if you stay off the main car routes).

  3. Hiya Susan,

    4 blogs plus a website: don't tell me you only have 1 bike??
    No, surely not. So show me some of the other 6, 7, 8? 9?

  4. No indeed, joco! I have three bikes--the xtracycle, a Salsa caseroll I built up from the frame for the purpose of everyday commuting, and an entry-level Felt for the ersatz triathlon training I do on occasion.

    The Felt, honestly, is nothing special, but I'll probably feature the Salsa from time to time, as she's a good pal. Plus, I'm shamelessly proud of having built her up all by myself.


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