Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Once a scientist...

OK, here's the powdery mildew (PoMi) update: I went out this morning and sprayed with a recipe suggested by Jill--a teaspoon of baking soda, a few drops of dish soap, suspended in a quart of H2O.

Curiously, the dish soap was the thing most recommended--even for the aphid treatment. (I remember my dad using dish soap on grass fungi infections with success.) The baking soda is supposed to change the pH on the leaf surface, and the soap (I'm guessing here, based on something John wrote) acts as a dessicant.

Sulfur was also recommended by Cheryl, as well as one of the websites on PoMi that I read. (Which also means that my garlic plants should be resistant to it, apparently.) However, dish soap seemed more readily at hand. I mean, sometimes University politics can be hell, but that doesn't mean that brimstone is just lying around for the taking...

So I went out and spritzed the heck out the plants, also liberally dousing my pepper plants to be on the safe side, even though they show no signs of it so far. As I was doing all this spraying, I noticed that my emotions had switched from disappointment (backyard farmer) to curiosity (scientist). Will this treatment work, or won't it? It's all data, you know...

Dang if I didn't feel almost cheerful, wanting to know what the results of the experiment will be.

Still a little p&ss*d about the butternut squash, though.


  1. Well, one thing I will say, I love the sound of the words, "powdery mildew." Going to have to get that into a poem one day.

  2. Yeah, isn't it great?

    That witty little abbreviation, PoMi, is for Nancy, the ornithologist in the group...

  3. Hi Susan, Came across your blog from Blotanical. Here's what I have to say about powdery mildew-Yuck! Good luck with the homemade remedies. I hope you blog about the results.


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