Monday, August 25, 2008

Action needed

Jordan Messerer, a longtime bike advocate and commuter here in LBB, was asked by Councilman Joe Klein to serve on a committee to advise the city council on matters concerning bike use. Now Jordan reports that the council has decided that LBB doesn't have any need for such a committee, since there isn't any need for paying attention to the concerns of cyclists.

Surely it isn't necessary to point out the many benefits to the city if we make it safer for cyclists, and more bike friendly? OK, I will anyway: good for the environment; good for our pocketbooks; makes us less dependent on foreign oil; promotes a healthy lifestyle; makes LBB a better place to live.

The last one alone should be reason enough to interest the city.

Isn't it time for our city leaders to...well, lead the way?

Please, send an email to your councilman. Call the mayor's office. Tell those people we put in office that we need bicycle advisory committee to the council. We need to be encouraging cyclists and making this a bike-friendly city. To do so, we need a committee!

Here is Mayor Tom Martin's email address:

Jordan also provided links to a map of Lubbock's bike routes, as well as a study on ways to make LBB more bike-friendly.

LBB Bike Route Map
LBB Bike plan


  1. I sent a letter (email) to the Mayor asking for the Council to reinstate the committee. If others do the same, perhaps they will respond to our request.

    Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Thanks, Liz. We need to spread the news...


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