Saturday, August 23, 2008

Farmers Markets: Lubbock's Nessie?

Good farmers' markets in LBB--are there any? Or are they just mythological creatures--something we'd like to believe in, but deep down, in the grown-up part of our hearts, we know it's just wishful thinking?

If you know of any, let me know through the comments below. I'll visit what's available and do a review.

Post yer intel here!


  1. Found the address of the Sunburst Market I mentioned to you: East 88th Street and MLK Street. Open June through October. If you pick up a copy of Lubbock Home and Family (free newspaper) there is an ad in there for a FREE bushel of peas (whatever a bushel is).

    I have also heard of a farmer's market run by Tornado Gallery on Buddy Holly Ave (I think)...

    Very interesting blog.... :-)

  2. Susan, you and I have a mutual friend from Dripping Springs. I like your site!'s a link to a good source about farmer's markets, etc.

    I feel your pain about living in a place with no market. Options have improved greatly in San Antonio in the last year, but I was hurtin' for awhile after we moved here. And Austin has to be so close but yet so far...


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